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108 ambulance crew save the life of a woman by donating blood

Sambalpur: Rambhabati Dhal (45), a woman from Goudpada village under Nakatideula police station, was admitted at Redhakhol Hospital on March 29 due to gynecological problems. There, Dr Sunita Brahma of the department of obstetrics and gynecology told her assistant that the patient needed blood immediately. For the last two days, blood from the “O’positive blood group” was not available in the blood bank in the Redhakhol sub-divisional hospital. That’s why her assistant was disappointed that he could not get the required blood. Meanwhile, the patient’s assistant received information from a hospital staff that the 108 ambulance crews were donating blood in times of need, informing the 108 ambulance crews about their need for blood. After getting information from the crews of Redhakhol 108 ambulance, Naren Pradhan, the pilot of The Nakatideula 108 ambulance, came forward to donate blood. The hospital staff appreciated the great work done by the ambulance crew.

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