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Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) Organises Awareness Session on Waterborne Diseases & Dengue at Kalmang village

Joda: An insightful awareness program was conducted by Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) and Kalmang Gandhalpada Project (KGP) Mobile Public Health Unit (MPHU) team of Tata Steel in Kalmang (Munda Sahi), highlighting the critical importance of understanding and combating waterborne diseases and Dengue.

With an enthusiastic turnout of 30 participants from the community, the event proved to be an enlightening experience for all.

The session meticulously outlined the various factors contributing to the prevalence of waterborne diseases and Dengue, shedding light on environmental, infrastructural, and personal hygiene aspects. Attendees were educated on the distinctive symptoms associated with waterborne diseases and Dengue, enabling them to recognize potential health risks and seek timely medical intervention.

Practical preventive measures were elucidated, empowering villagers to take proactive steps towards maintaining hygienic living conditions and mitigating the risk of waterborne diseases and Dengue.

The collaborative effort between TSF Joda and the district health department underscores a shared commitment to advancing public health agendas and fostering sustainable community development.

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