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CII organises CSR summit on Maternal Health and Adolescent Health

Bhubaneswar: Principal Secretary of Child and Welfare Department, Govt of Odisha, Subha Sharma
invites corporate world to world together on CSR activities. While talking at the CSR summit organised
by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Odisha State Chapter at Bhubaneswar, she said that if both
government and corporate works together on welfare program, then available resources will be utilised
prudently and there will be lesser chance of duplication.
To make corporate more conscious while making agreements with civil society organisation for CSR
programs she tells that many of these organisation are mainly involved in capacity building, training
activities and holding meetings only which have no tangible results in live of people. In only 30% of the
cases we have seen tangible result. She tells companies to make their partners to work to bring tangible
On this occasion while talking about the importance of CSR, Chairman of CII Odisha state Chapter and
CMD of NALCO Mr Sridhar Patra said that, “For me CSR means Come, See and Realise to change lives.
Each business is using the resources of society. So, it is primary objective of the business to see how to
do wellbeing of the society. CSR enactment was made just to awaken the industry. It is intended to
make corporate to come forward to work for society. It was never intended to make tax money or
revenue. He also has gave suggestions to corporate to think what worst can happen and how we can
contribute to mitigate that crisis. Act as wish to help the society. Reach to the people and change the
live, he advised to corporate world.
Chairman of Odisha Building and Other Construction Worker’s Welfare Board, Shreemayee Mishra said
that every parent should teach their kids about what is social responsibility. Students and younger
generation should have been made aware about the importance of this activity. Then can they will work
on this front when they have given with the responsibility.
Convenor of CII Odisha CSR Panel, Prashant Hota said that Arthasatra written by Kautilya clearly defined
how a business should be a friend for people. Businesses making profit should be stand with people in
all crisis and difficult situation.
The event primarily focuses on maternal health and adolescent health under the broad sectoral themes
of good health and wellbeing (SDG Goal-3). Two plenary sessions in theme of Investing in reproductive
and maternal health and rights and Investing in adolescent and young people’s health is also organises.
In the plenary session of Reproductive and Maternal Health and Right, Consultant of Reproductive
medicine, Hi-tech Medical College and Hospital, Dr. Soumya Dash, Chairperson of KIIT International
School Dr Monalisha Bal. Executive Director of Centre for Catalyzing Change, Dr Aparajita Gogoi, DGM-
CSR of Indian Oil, P K Panda, O&G Specialist of NTPC-Talcher, Dr Puspanjali Nayak and GM-CSR of Jindal
Power Ltd. Rishikesh Sarma spoke on various aspects of this topic.
In the second plenary session on Adolescent and Young people’s Health, Co-convenor of CII Odisha CSR
Panel, Prashant Biswal, Past Chairman of CII Odisha State Council J B Pany, VC of KIIT University Sasmita

Samanta, MD of Svasthya Labs, Dr Prasmita Tejaswini, Lead – Strategic investment and adolescent and
young people, Centre for Catalyzing Change Vandana Nair, Senior Consultant of AMRI Hospital, Dr Janaki
Ballav Pradhan and Program Team of Azim Premji Foundation, Archana Relan also spoke.

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