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This Nutrition Month say yes to these heart-healthy foods

Bhubaneswar : Every year September is observed as the Nutrition Month aka ‘Poshan Maah’. The sole objective of celebrating Nutrition Month is to raise public awareness of vital indicators of nourishment, well-being and prosperity. The nutrition month is a reminder for people across the world to pause and assess lifestyle choices for themselves and their families while acknowledging the need to take strict steps to ensure the safety of their health.

Research studies have suggested that due to their inherent genetic makeup Indians are more vulnerable to heart diseases. [1] Thus, with cardiovascular diseases becoming a serious health concern amongst many Indian households, dietary and lifestyle modifications can play an important role in bringing about a change and reducing risk factors for better heart health. As people across the world adapt their lifestyles to accustomed to this new sense of normal, taking care of health for people is more important than anything now. The first step in achieving better heart health is by making heart-healthy food choices.

Eating a well-balanced diet offers one of the simplest, most effective ways of reducing not only the risk of heart disease but addressing other health concerns as well. A nutritious diet is the one that maintains or improves overall health. This includes eating a variety of nutrition rich foods, moderating their intake which results in controlling the number of calories that are consumed. A balanced and nutritious rich diet can help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels.


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