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Bandhan Bank Launches Enhanced Trade Products

Trade Products to Facilitate Global Business Transactions

Kolkata: Bandhan Bank today announced that it has launched an array of trade products to facilitate global business transactions. These products are designed to streamline and secure various aspects of global transactions, ensuring smoother operations and greater financial flexibility for businesses. These products cater to both importers and exporters, offering tailored solutions to meet diverse business needs and bolstering confidence in global trade transactions.

In response to the growing needs of our valued customers engaged in international trade, the bank has launched products like Remittances, Letter of Credit (LCs), Bank Guarantees (BGs), Export Import Collection bill, bill/invoice discounting, etc. These new products and facilities will empower our SME and corporate customers with opportunities to expand their businesses globally. Even Retail customers would be able to use these facilities for remittances to other countries.

Rajinder Babbar, ED & Chief Business Officer, Bandhan Bank says, “We are committed to supporting our customers in navigating the complexities of international trade. With the launch of these enhanced trade products, we aim to provide robust financial tools that empower businesses to expand their global footprint with confidence. Our focus remains on delivering excellence and value, ensuring that our customers achieve their business objectives efficiently and securely.”

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