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5T Chairman Sh Pandian Visits Ekamra Khetra, Makes Early Morning Inspection of Project

Rehabilitation of Shopkeepers, Vendors Top Priority, Their Livelihood Will Be Ensured

Focus on Scientific Management of Traffic

Use of Battery Operated Vehicles Around Temple Premises

Divine Experience  for Pilgrims Visualised with Gardens, Stonework Alongside  Parikrama

Bhubaneswar, 23.02.2024 : Early in the morning today, 5T & Nabin Odisha Chairman Shri Kartik Pandian visited the ongoing Ekamra Development Project in old town, Bhubaneswar.

During his visit, which took place between 6.30am to 7.30 am. He directed the officials that the work must go on in full swing to complete the project by the New Year 2025.

Encouraging the project management, he said though the work looks mammoth, he has full confidence in the team and they can certainly deliver.

He inspected all elements of the development plan starting with North parking near Sanitarium chhak, where besides bus parking and car parking, tourist conveniences, vending zone and Lingaraj Police Station will be constructed.

Focussing on the rehabilitation of the shopkeepers and the vendors, he said that their livelihoods must be ensured in all possible ways.

He visited the alternative road from Kotitirtheswar to Taleswar parallel to Bindusagar road and reviewed the land requirements and drains.

He advised BMC to hand over balance land wherever required for construction of drains.

Moving on towards the temple site, he inspected the area behind the Ananta Vasudev Temple, the location of open Bhajan mandap and Lingaraj Plaza area.

He advised to plan for foundation for Queue management system in a manner not to disturb the landscape during annual requirements like Sivaratri. Scientific management of traffic was discussed during the review.

To promote a clean environment around the temple, battery operated vehicles will be used to ferry passengers around the temple.

He also inspected the South side of the Parikrama and OAR, and the alternative bypass road planned near Badheibank chhak.

He advised to plan for smooth curves at all crossings and to expedite the land acquisition process.

At the end, he said the objective of the project is to develop a divine experience for the pilgrims. For this, beautiful gardens and designer Stonework will be created alongside the Parikrama surrounding the temple.

During the visit, Principal Secretary, Works; Commissioner. BMC; , Collector, DCP, MD OBCC and other staffs were present.

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