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Mothers Public School Collaborates With Ehsaan Noorani For Music Training Of Their Students

Bhubaneswar : Yet another celebration and a collaboration of Mother’s Public school and
noted music composer and musician Ehsaan Noorani ‘s musical company Torrins. Ehesan
and his band also performed at Mothers Public School campuses at Pahala and Unit1 along
with the students .
The mesmerizing performance enchanted the audience who soaked up the magical
moments as they swayed to the music. As the icing on the cake the students also got to
interact with the Star one on one. The festivities lasted throughout the day and created
lifelong memories for the youngsters.
Speaking on the occasion noted music composer and musician Ehsaan Noorani said, “I feel
happy to be here in Odisha. I am enthralled to see, the way the young talents are
performing so well. It is a very good thing to promote art and music in the schools.”
“It is our privilege to have such a legend joining hand with us and performing in our
school”said Ms Poly Pattnaik Principal MPS. An artist herself,she has always sought to
celebrate the arts and make it a part of the lives of those under her care
Mr Sreejeet Patnaik Director MPS said that he would leave no stone unturned to give the
Mother’s family the best facilities to have an all round development for becoming sucessful
in any career they choose. “The happy faces around me prove that the endeavour has been
a success” he said

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