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Reliance Jewels launches Mahalaya Collection this Festive Season

Bhubaneswar: Reliance Jewels is one of India’s leading jewellery brands is known for its many collections inspired by the various art and culture, traditions and beliefs that personify India’s rich and diverse heritage. From Utkala inspired by Odisha to Kaasyam inspired by Banaras and Rannkaar inspired by Kutch, Reliance Jewels continues to bring forth the rich and diverse heritage of India through its jewellery designs.

This festive season, Reliance Jewels has launched an exquisite collection of Gold & Diamond  jewellery, “Mahalaya”, inspired by the glory & grace of Maharashtra to mark the upcoming auspicious & celebratory festive season. The name Mahalaya is a culmination of Greatness and Beauty, MAHA meaning Great and AALYA meaning beauty that is found in almost every aspect of life in Maharashtra.

While Maharashtra has numerous aspects that encompasses the grace and glory of the region, which is found in almost every aspect of life and in their rich heritage. Reliance Jewels’ new Mahalaya collection is an exquisite handcrafted collection of Gold & Diamond Jewellery designed taking inspiration from the lustrous weaves of Paithani silk saree to fascinating visuals of Warli tribal paintings, from scenic beauty of hills and valleys to the grandeur of Gads and Wadas and Royal Regalia, a jewellery worn by the royals. Customers get to choose magnificent designs in Gold and Diamond from a variety of intricately designed and artistically crafted jewellery pieces that encapsulate these inspirations. While their designers draw inspirations from different regions, the final Jewellery collection is designed to suit each and every Indian woman.

Watch the grace and glory of Maharashtra come alive through Reliance Jewels’ Mahalaya collection in this beautiful film

With this unique and exclusive array of designs that celebrates the grace and glory of Maharashtra’s heritage Reliance Jewels continues to celebrate and honor the rich cultural legacy of India. In order to make this festive season even more special for their customers, the brand has designed & curated this spectacular collection in the form of beautiful necklace sets, pendant sets, mangalsutras, earrings, rings, bracelets and bangles crafted in 22kt Gold and with the most lustrous internationally certified diamonds.

The gold collection offers an extensive choice to patrons to choose from the magnificent and luxurious opulent choker sets to long, intricate, and elegant necklace sets along with beautiful designs of earrings, bangles, bracelets and rings in 22KT Gold that bring out the glory & grace of Maharashtra alive. The use of elegant pearls and colored gemstones that represent Maharashtra’s rich culture and the enameling work in red and green that bring out the magnificent inspiration of the Gads and Wads along with the Royal Regalia which is known as the trousseau of grace and glory. There is a wide range of jewellery to suit every occasion and budget.

The diamond designs from the Mahalaya collection are as unique as the diverse culture, heritage and grace of Maharashtra. The lustrous diamond necklace sets, pendant sets, mangalsutra’s, Bangles, bracelets and rings embodies the spirit and craftsmanship of Maharashtra in many different ways. The magnificent necklace sets showcase the intricacies of iconic motifs from the Warli craft that stand out in a very unique manner when set with the stunning diamonds. The diamond setting in the Mahalaya collection is unique as it represents art forms in an elegant way that was visualized by the designers at Reliance Jewels after a lot of research. The beautiful inspirations set out to inspire many designs in the diamond range creating modern & contemporary looks that are perfect for the festive and wedding season ahead.

Commenting on the newest collection, Sunil Nayak, CEO of Reliance Jewels said, “India has a very vast and prestigious heritage and a beautiful and diverse culture which is an integral part of our country’s roots that makes each of us really proud to be an Indian. We take immense pride in taking inspirations from our rich heritage, arts and crafts and launching exemplary collections for the last 3 years that was well received by all our customers. We are excited to continue this journey with our 6th collection this festive season. Our team of in-house designers and experts explores & celebrates our diverse inheritance through extensive research for months to finalise the inspirations for the collection and then design & craft the finest & exclusive designer Jewellery for our esteemed patrons every season. For the upcoming auspicious festive season that brings us prosperity and happiness in our lives, we are excited to offer “Mahalaya”, our elegantly created ornate collection inspired by the rich culture, diverse heritage and traditions of Maharashtra while continuing our design legacy. Each gold and diamond necklace, mangalsutras, earrings, rings, bracelets and bangles in this collection are unique and represent the glory & grace of Maharashtra.”

In addition to the new jewellery pieces, patrons can also avail of up to 25% off on making charges of gold Jewellery and diamond Jewellery value. Offer valid for Limited period only.

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