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Tata Steel announces winners of QUEERious 2.0, marking another successful edition

Tata Steel today announced the winners of QUEERious 2.0, the second edition of its one-of-its-kind programme for LGBTQIA+ students. The programme provides a platform for LGBTQIA+ individuals in India to share their perspectives on corporate inclusion.

QUEERious demonstrates the corporate world’s commitment to inclusivity and further reinforces Tata Steel’s  dedication to LGBTQIA+ inclusion, both internally and in society.

Building on the success of its inaugural edition, QUEERious initiative completed its yet another successful edition with even bigger scale and scope. The case study competition concluded with the finale held on August 25, 2023, and was attended by Tata Steel’s senior leadership, including Atrayee Sanyal, Vice President, Human Resource Management, Chaitanya Bhanu, Vice President, Steel Manufacturing and Jaya Singh Panda, Chief Diversity Officer. 

The top 3 winners received cash prizes of ₹50,000, ₹30,000, and ₹20,000, respectively. Beyond the monetary rewards, these winners, reflecting the promise of tomorrow, have been presented with the prospect of carving out their professional paths at Tata Steel through paid internships and PPO (pre-placement offers). Additionally, the finalists will be given paid internships and PPI (pre-placement interview) opportunities. QUEERious is decisively crafted to integrate LGBTQIA+ talent into the corporate sphere through critical case study resolutions and hands-on internships. 

Atrayee Sanyal, Vice President, Human Resource Management, Tata Steel, said: “QUEERious 2.0 underscores Tata Steel’s commitment to elevating LGBTQIA+ voices, fostering dialogue, and shaping inclusive corporate landscapes. The surge in edition-2 registrations reflects the community’s eagerness to actively engage and contribute. QUEERious empowers through transformative journeys, carving pathways for individuals to shape their careers. Tata Steel’s strong focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion shines as we continue to pioneer in fostering an inclusive workplace that values human capital.”

This year, Tata Steel unveiled QUEERious 2.0 on June 23, 2023, and the registration window ended on July 19, 2023. The competition garnered 1615 registrations from 117 campuses, a 240% jump from the previous edition. This year, Tata Steel also introduced team participation, adding a fresh dimension to the competition.

The second edition featured three compelling business case studies on ‘Diversity and Inclusion Case’, ‘Sustainable Steel Manufacturing and Decarbonisation Case’, and ‘Establishing Green Steel Ecosystem at   
Tata Steel’.

The last edition saw 10 finalists, with the top three receiving prize money of Rs.50,000, Rs.30,000, and Rs.20,000, respectively. All the 10 finalists were granted paid internships at Tata Steel, and four were extended Pre-Placement Offers.

QUEERious is becoming a catalyst for empowerment, ensuring that the LGBTQIA+ community finds representation and takes an active role in shaping the corporate narrative. The meticulously crafted structure of the challenge, from its inception to the rewarding conclusion, underscores the Company’s dedication to excellence and celebrating meritocracy. 

Tata Steel’s unwavering belief is that an organisation should mirror the society it serves. The Company has consistently championed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. A significant milestone in this journey has been the recruitment of transgender individuals as Heavy Earth Moving Machinery (HEMM) Operators, making Tata Steel the first Indian company to achieve this. The Company has successfully onboarded over 100 transgender individuals across various divisions, further solidifying its mission to enable an inclusive workplace.

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