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Institute of Indian Interior Designers Celebrates milestone with Bhubaneswar Centre Installation Ceremony

Bhubaneswar: The Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) is thrilled to announce the successful installation ceremony of its Bhubaneswar Center, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s commitment to promoting excellence in interior design across the country. The event includes Centre formation, felicitation ceremony and sponsor presentation.

The ceremony, held on Friday at a Hotel in Bhubaneswar was attended by prominent figures in the field of interior design, architecture, and allied industries, along with esteemed guests and dignitaries. The event showcased the IIID’s dedication to fostering a thriving community of interior design professionals and providing a platform for knowledge exchange, skill enhancement, and collaboration.

Mr. Sarosh H. Wadia, President, IIID National Executive Committee delivered an inspiring keynote address, emphasizing the role of interior design in shaping contemporary spaces and enhancing the quality of life. The event also featured an installation ceremony to officially open the Bhubaneswar Centre, symbolizing the beginning of a new chapter in IIID’s journey.

The Bhubaneswar Centre will serve as a hub for design enthusiasts, professionals, and students, offering a range of programs, workshops, and events aimed at promoting innovation and excellence in interior design. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced mentors, the centre is poised to become a focal point for design education, networking, and professional development in the region.

Mr Bhakti Prasad Mahapatra, Chairperson, IIID Bhubaneswar said that, “We are excited with opening of our Centre in Bhubaneswar and provide a dedicated space for the vibrant design community in the region. The installation ceremony marks the beginning of a collaborative journey towards fostering creativity, learning, and excellence in interior design.”

The IIID Bhubaneswar Centre will actively engage with local design professionals, educational institutions, and industry stakeholders to create a dynamic and inclusive platform that promotes the exchange of ideas and the advancement of the interior design profession.

Other dignitaries present at the event were Hon Secretary Shamini Shankar Jain, Chairman Membership Committee Leena Nimbalkar, Ar. Ganesh Kumar Wable NEC Member and, Vice Chairperson Aditya Agrawal, Hon Secretary of IIID Bhubaneswar Utkarsh Patnaik, Treasurer K Srinivas Subudhi with managing committee members includes Gargi Pattanaik, Monika Pritam Dash, Srikant Kumar Biswal and Prava Prasanna Acharya.

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