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Bhubaneswar Sets National Record with a user ordering 207 Pizzas inn a Single Day: ‘How India Swiggy’d 2023’ Report

Bhubaneswar : Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand convenience platform, unveils the culinary pulse of Bhubaneshwar in its annual report, How India Swiggy’d 2023.

Bhubaneshwar’s food market scene is thriving, with the ever-evolving city’s vibrant culinary culture. Bhubaneswar, known for its rich culinary heritage, demonstrated a love for North Indian cuisine, closely followed by Continental and Pizza. In fact, a user from the city set the national record for the highest pizzas ordered on a single day by placing 207 pizza orders on Swiggy.

Burger King, Biriyani Box, Jugaad Jn, Pizza Hut, and KFC emerged as the top five restaurants in Bhubaneswar, showcasing their popularity among the city’s food enthusiasts.

Bhubaneshwar’s culinary scene is a mixed bag as seen in the top 5 most-ordered dishes in the city: Chicken Biryani , Veg Biryani, Masala Dosa, Paneer Butter Masala and Egg Chicken Roll. Interestingly, dinner emerges as the prime time for most orders. Indian dishes stand out as the local favourite, while the top 5 snacks feature Chicken Popcorn, Chicken Wings, Samosa, Idli-Dhokla and Papdi Chat

Choco Lava Cup, Chocolate Mousse Cup, Chocolate Brownie Sundae, Walnut Brownie took center stage when it came to the city’s top desserts. A single order reached ₹12,119, marking the highest bill paid by a user.

Speaking on these order trends, Sidharth Bhakoo, VP, National Business Head at Swiggy, stated “As Bhubaneshwar gorged away on the flavourful Biryanis this year, Swiggy is proud to be the leading convenience platform for the city’s food enthusiasts, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences. With our focus on convenience and delight, we are dedicated to serving Bhubaneshwar’s vibrant culinary landscape and quick commerce needs.”

Swiggy remains committed to serving Bhunaneshwar’s vibrant culinary landscape, continually striving to enhance convenience and delight for every user.

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