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Rungta Steel reinforces ‘Solid Hai’ commitment at Partners’ Interactive Session in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

Hazaribagh: Rungta Steel, India’s one of the leading integrated steel and TMT Bar manufacturer hosted its inaugural Interactive Session in the beautiful city of Hazaribagh in Jharkhand. The session reinforced Rungta Steel’s commitment towards its partners whose relentless efforts have ensured that Rungta Steel’s product portfolio remains the preferred choice of customers in the region.
Over the years, the spirit of #EkdumSolid has and continues to reflect upon the product quality and the strong partnerships Rungta Steel has cultivated over decades.
Mr. Arvind Kumar, Chief General Manager- Head Sales & Marketing, Rungta Steel, while addressing the partners, informed about the continued robust presence of Team Rungta Steel and the present production capacity of the company. He also informed about the near future expansion of the company and the increasing product portfolio.
Mr. Kumar extended his gratitude to the partners’ community and appealed for collective trust and support from the partners that enables them to deliver projects on efficiently. He encouraged them to strive for a better tomorrow and shared insights to meet exponential growth objectives.
More than 45 partners from the region actively participated in the interactive session, with Mr Sanjay Rao, Mr Manoj Kejriwal and Mr Amrendra Verma from Rungta Mines Limited, ensuring the associates were well taken care of.
Rungta Steel hosts these meet-ups frequently to express gratitude and extend appreciation to its business associates that enables them to do business efficiently and foster stronger partnerships.

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