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Tata Steel Meramandali Strengthens the Safety Practices of Vendor Partners with the ‘Sumilan’ Programme

Meramandali, October 26, 2023: The Steel & Rolling Division (SM) of Tata Steel Meramandali (TSM) organised ‘Sumilan’, with an objective to reaffirm its commitment to safety and collaboration with vendor partners. Employees and senior leaders of vendor partners working under SM Division had joined the event and interacted with the senior leadership team of TSM. With theme of “Fire Safety”, it was organised on October 26, 2023.

Agam Kumar, Chief, Safety, TSM graced as Chief Guest on this occasion along with Harpanahalli Maheshbabu, Chief, SMS & LCP, TSM, Mahesh Bhagwat, Chief HSM, TSM and Chandra Prakash, Chief CRM, TSM (Designate) and esteemed vendor partners of Steel & Rolling Division, TSM.

Department Chiefs shared insights to achieve the ‘zero harm through fire safety management’ at the divisional level, with active participation from proprietors, site in-charges, contract owners, administrators, safety supervisors, and champions. Their suggestions aimed to enhance safety practices and foster an injury-free environment.

On this occasion, good practices and fire safety analysis of SM Division were shared with all attendees followed by an on the spot quiz competition. Twenty Six safety performers were awarded for their exceptional safety performances. The event saw active participation from 150 employees and vendor representatives. The event concluded with two emotional “Nukad Natak” performances by employees of the vendor partners.

‘Sumilan’ reflects Tata Steel’s commitment to meaningful communication with contractors and their employees, facilitating two-way engagement on safety themes aligned with the organisation’s performance. It serves as a platform to capture safety and health-related suggestions from contractor partners and their dedicated workforce. TSM remains dedicated to safety, collaboration, and open communication, creating a secure working environment for all stakeholders.

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