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Tata AIA Reveals the Secret of a Father’s Jaadui Pocket in A Unique Digital Campaign

Mumbai: A father goes all out to protect and provide for his children, not letting constraints come in the way. And he always has a secret up his sleeve to do so. This Father’s Day, Tata AIA Life Insurance (Tata AIA), one of India’s leading Life Insurance Companies, unveiled a special digital campaign titled ‘Jaadui Pocket Ka Secret’ (the Secret of the Magic Pocket) that revealed the true secret of how fathers can make dreams of their children come true.

The campaign film underscores the importance of financial provision as a critical part of being a responsible provider for the loved ones in the family. It showcases the journey of a son, who has always seen his father fulfil his dreams through his magic pocket – be it a cycle, dream holidays, or his MBA education. When he himself becomes a father, his dad reveals the true secret of his magical or Jaadui pocket. Developed and produced by Forrest Films, the film stars Rajat Kapoor, one of India’s most sought-after actors in the role of the father.

As children, when we were too young to understand the true meaning of money, we always thought our father had magically fulfilled our wishes. Fathers traditionally kept money in their shirt pockets. Herein lies the concept of ‘The Magical Pocket’, used as a metaphor in the film. To emphasise this idea, the film highlights the magic coming out of the father’s shirt pocket, which he touches to grant his son’s wishes. The film ends with the message that this magic is possible with Tata AIA’s Fortune Guarantee Plus Savings Plan, which offers Guaranteed Regular Income all through the policy period.

Commenting on the film, Girish Kalra, Chief Marketing Officer, Tata AIA Life Insurance, said, “As the bread earner of the family, a father makes many silent sacrifices so that his children are protected and well cared for. That is why he is our first superhero, the embodiment of love, care, strength, and all the qualities we strive for. Through this emotionally touching film based on our own childhood nostalgia, we want to pay tribute to all fathers who work tirelessly to ensure the financial security of their loved ones. Our Guaranteed Income plan is the right way fathers can plan for fulfilling the aspirations of their children through prudent financial planning”.

Siddharth Cheulkar, Co-founder, Forest Films said “We at Forest Films, came up with an idea to highlight a dad’s shirt pocket, which commonly is used by Indian dads to keep their money. From children’s point of view, this shirt pocket is assumed to have magical powers as it fulfils their wishes and always cheers them up. Using it as a metaphor, we connected the magic-filled pocket which has a never-ending supply to a child’s smile with Tata AIA Life Insurance’s Fortune Guarantee Plus plan which ensures a regular income to policy holders. Forest Films believes that this film will be received well by the audiences everyday & especially on Father’s Day.”

The film is available for viewing here:

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