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Duplicate cones of Kaveri Mehendi are openly sold in the market, the company made a big disclosure

Bhubaneswar: In many states like West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, some duplicate cones are being sold in the market in boxes similar to the original Kaveri Mehendi cones. Kaveri Mehendi Cone is manufactured by Velnik India Limited all over India and sold by its authorized company official and authorized channel partner in various states of India, but from past few months we have received information from different sources duplicate cones which looks like original Kaveri Mehendi cone are being sold in the market.  it has been found that many people are selling in the market by making duplicate cones with the same design and name of Kaveri mehendi cones and mixing them in the box of original Kaveri mehendi cones.

The only manufacturing unit of Kaveri mehendi cones is located in Sojat only Therefore, all the persons are informed through this publication by company  that appropriate strict legal action will be taken against the person or company who soever being found or caught doing illigal manufacuring and sales of  Kaveri Mehendi cone.

It has also been seen earlier in different states many people were found doing and selling duplicate Kaveri Mehendi cone in this way, and Velnik India limited Kaveri Mehendi Cone has been taken strict legal action against them along with claims of several crores of rupees. And in future, if anyone is found selling and doing duplicacy of Kaveri Mehendi cone, then strict legal action will be taken by the company against them.

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