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TPSODL empowers 1000 WSHGs through sustainable livelihood initiatives

Berhampur: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL), has taken a significant stride in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives by adopting a multifold approach to promote sustainable income generation for Women Self-Help Group (WSHG) members. The company has undertaken various initiatives to enhance livelihood opportunities.
Under its comprehensive CSR initiatives, TPSODL has been actively working with WSHGs formed under the Odisha Livelihood Mission and trying to improve their overall economic well-being. This commendable initiative includes the identification of potential WSHGs and farmers, providing them with extensive training and handholding support across all eight districts under TPSODL’s purview.
To date, more than 1000 WSHGs have been supported under TPSODL’s livelihood enhancement project. These empowered members have benefited from expert-led capacity-building programs covering a wide range of income-generation activities. The training sessions have focused on equipping the WSHGs with essential skills in Mushroom cultivation, poultry rearing, Backyard farming, Floriculture, and Millet cultivation. To further support their endeavours, TPSODL has also provided crucial input support including seeds, fertilizers, spawn, poultry birds, and facilitated the marketing of their produce.
“At TPSODL, we strongly believe in sustainable development with community empowerment. Through our CSR initiatives, we are dedicated to creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for WSHG members. By providing them with training, resources, and ongoing support in various income generation activities, we aim to foster self-reliance and uplift the overall well-being of our communities” said Mr Amit Garg CEO TPSODL
By promoting sustainable income generation and offering comprehensive support, TPSODL is actively empowering WSHG members, enabling them to lead more prosperous lives and contribute to their communities. Through these initiatives, TPSODL strives to create a more equitable and self-reliant society.

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