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Police Mitra Volunteers Appointed for Smooth Facilitation of .FEST

In order to facilitate the festival of festivals, .FEST smoothly in Bhubaneswar during the FIH men’s Hockey world cup, Additional Commissioner of Police, Dr. Umashankar Dash addressed the Police Mitras, around 150 volunteers who are going to assist the police during the fortnight-long event. The aim of the move is to create a system of deployed volunteers to ensure secure and smooth processes are in place for security, visitors, traffic, and parking management. The volunteers will be deployed at several junctions, including Rajmahal Square, Master Canteen, Ram Mandir Temple, Khao Gali, Capital High School, and Keshari Talkies
The volunteers are also given training on their duties and responsibilities. They will be the human
face to mobilise visitors, and guests, and assist the Police personnel to ensure the smooth ongoing
of the event. .FEST brings the opportunity for visitors to experience trails around the city of
Bhubaneswar. Visitors can also experience the Bhubaneswar Festival of Storytelling (BhuFeSto)
specifically curated for children along with the elderly to keep alive the great saga of local literature,
poetry & stories. The 15-day long event will also host another artistically crafted event called
Sebbe-Au-Ebbe (Then & Now), a photo exhibition that will showcase the glorious urban/ city history
of Bhubaneswar, one of the 1st Planned cities of Independent India, along with events like
International Food Festival, and the first of its kind uniquely curated Night Bazar & Flea Market
Addressing the volunteers, Dr. Umashankar Dash, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police,
Bhubaneswar said, “You are not only a Police Mitra, you are also people’s friend. Wherever you
have been deputed, you need to keep close coordination with the police personnel to maintain
smooth facilitation of your duties for the populace. Your every action should be in accordance with
the order of a real officer in your vicinity.”
Mr. Balwant Singh, IAS, BDA Vice Chairman, said, “The main motto of the initiative is ‘Our City Our
Responsibility’. The authorities are in full swing working towards the facilitation of the fortnight-
long .FEST with the cooperation of the Bhubaneswar police. However, the contribution and
coordination of the Police Mitras is equally crucial as they are not just going to help the fellow
citizens and the visitors, they are the citizens of Bhubaneswar as well. Hence, this international level
fest requires all your support and coordination.”

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