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12 films screened on second day of IDFFB 2022

Bhubaneswar: This weekend proved as exciting time for city film lovers as they gathered at
Odissi Research Centre to witness few best documentary films of emerging young film makers
across India. At the second day of Indian Documentary Film Festival Bhubanswar (IDFFB) 2022 on
Saturday organised by Film Society of Bhubaneswar (FSB) 12 films have been screened which
includes Nitin Bathla’s Not Just Roads, Debalina Majumdar’s Gay India Martimony that have
given completely different experience to audience and touched their inner chords. They
encountered with hidden reality of our society and have been immersed to storylines. From side
effect to rapid urbanisation, homosexuality to a poor village man’s love for tree and nature
makes them heavy hearted.
Each film based on very intriguing, thought provoking topic and few thoughts are still considered
taboo in modern days and films are in Hindi, English, Bangla and Manipuri languages. Two films
screened in association with IFA and two were special focus films. On second day of the festival
films screened were Not Just Roads, New Classroom, Hriday Basat, Dukhu Majhi, Gay India
Matrimony, Salt and Sugar, Meiram, A night of knowing nothing, Mizo Soundscapes, Bela, It was
in spring and Wittgenstein plays chess with Marcel Duchamp or How not to do philosophy.
Audience also got opportunity to interact with directors. Sankhajit Biswas talks about his film
Hriday Basat and different aspects of film making and role of cinema to give shape to a society.
Second day of IDFFB 2022 opened with Nitin Bathla’s film Not Just Roads that narrates the story
of a massive urban transformation underway in India. This film captures highway outside Delhi
from the perspective of human and non-human actors.
Somnath Mondal’s Dukhu Majhi narrates story of a poor, completely illiterate old villager and his
love for trees he has planted on the roads. Even in summer when temperature rises up to 50
degree celcus, that doesn’t deter him one bit. He knows he has a job to do. Over the years he
has created his own unique methods of planting. This film gives audience a sense of
responsibility to take care of our environment which is degrading at very fast pace due to human
Debalina Majumdar’s film Gay India Matrimony discuss about social recognition of
homosexuality. The best part of this film is its music. Normally documentary makers avoid using
music in their films, but Debalina has broken the stereotype. It is emotional and delightful as it
talks about monogamy, same sex marriage and social stigma attached to this subject.

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