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TPWODL leads transformative initiatives in Infrastructure Upgradation across Western Odisha for better consumer services

Burla: TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL), in the process of fulfilling its duties as a leading power distribution company, continues to transform and upgrade the infrastructure of electricity offices at various locations in Western Odisha. In line with this commitment, the company has undertaken a gamut of initiatives, including the renovation of division, sub-division, and section offices, the alteration of old transformers, and the fencing and upgrading of transformers.
The company’s primary focus is on preventing electrical accidents and ensuring the safety of animals. Subsequently, it is constructing boundary walls around each unfenced electricity transformer across its area of operations. So far in the fiscal year 2023-24, TPWODL completed the fencing of 233 transformers and has set a target to complete construction of boundary walls at additional 80 unfenced transformers with in the current financial year. In total, TPWODL has fenced a cumulative total of 1450 electricity transformers so far since it took over the distribution of Electricity in Western Odisha.
Similarly, TPWODL completed the renovation of four division offices last year, with the renovation of another five division offices currently underway. In the year 2023-24, eight sub-division offices and 24 section offices were renovated, while work is in progress to transform and renovate five more sub-division offices and 24 section offices.
In the process of renovation and revamping of its office infrastructures, TPWODL has ensured the provision of toilet and drinking water facilities to its offices. Last year, 83 new toilets were built at various electricity offices, and 41 more toilets are currently under renovation. Priority is provided to the offices and customer care centers where ever women employees are employed.
Furthermore, for the convenience of electricity consumers, TPWODL has opened two new customer care centers in the current financial year, with the construction of two more underway. In total, the company has started 13 new customer care centers in Western Odisha over the last three years, providing employees with better facilities and substantially contributing to the delivery of quality service to electricity consumers in western Odisha.

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