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Ecozen Solutions wins the Best Business Innovation award at the Asian-African International Business Conclave

Bhubaneswar: Ecozen Solutions, a leading climate-smart tech solutions company, has been honored with the esteemed Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) Business Innovation Award. This recognition underscores Ecozen’s significant contributions to transforming the lives of farmers globally. The award was presented by BJD Member of Parliament Mujibulla Khan, who also serves on the standing committee for the energy department in India and also by Mr. M J Puri, Director AACCI.

The Honorable MP commended Ecozen’s Ecofrost solar cold room innovation, now deployed across Odisha, for its transformative impact on farmers’ livelihoods. By effectively preserving produce, this technology minimizes post-harvest losses, empowering farmers economically and contributing to the state’s agricultural development.

Ecozen Solutions is on a mission to transform the lives of farmers in the country. Harnessing solar power, Ecozen has revolutionised the agricultural landscape with its cutting-edge climate-smart technologies. Using the flagship products of Ecozen – Ecofrost and Ecotron – farmers in Odisha have been able to improve the quality of the produce and increase their livelihoods substantially.

The irrigation product Ecotron has transformed into a decision-making tool that uses IoT, diagnostics and predictive analytics to optimize irrigation. Ecofrost is a portable cold room which enables pre-cooling and on-farm storage of perishable crops, reducing spoilage while helping farmers realize higher prices.

On this occasion, Ravindra Dolare, President, Ecozen Solutions said: “We are honored to receive the AACCI Business Innovation Award. We believe in the transformative power of technology and see it impact through all our installations. This can especially be seen in Odisha, where our Ecofrost units are transforming farmers lives. They are delivering the 5T objectives of crop diversification, farm mechanization and creation of agripreneurs. This recognition is a validation of the hard work and commitment of our team to deliver real-world impact. We are grateful for this acknowledgment and remain committed to building a smart & sustainable future.”

The award serves as a testament to Ecozen’s dedication to transforming the lives of our farmers through our climate-smart technology innovations.

Odisha has been at the forefront of Ecozen’s agricultural impact with its pioneering adoption of Ecozen’s solar-powered cold rooms. The State Government was encouraging farmers to shift from traditional paddy production to high-value horticulture crops and wanted a solution to the perishability challenge. It introduced solar-powered cold rooms as a part of the 5T transformation initiative and Ecozen set up units across the state.

This significantly enhanced the cold chain infrastructure, elevating it to international standards and enabling farmers to diversify into high-value horticultural crops. Ecozen also provides extensive post-harvest management training and farmers use the Ecofrost mobile app to efficiently manage their harvests, leading to increased profits and reduced waste.

The AACCI (Africa Asia Chamber of the Commerce & Industry) Business Innovation Award is presented annually to companies that help mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change, while delivering real-world transformative impact and is judged by the board members of AACCI. It recognizes excellence in developing and deploying innovative solutions that can create impact at scale.

Ecozen extends its gratitude to its customers, team members, investors and the in this case, the Government of Odisha, especially for the visionary 5T scheme for their invaluable supports & contributions to our success. Ecozen remains committed to building a smart and sustainable future through technology.

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