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.FEST to host Sebbe Au  Ebbe – the Photo Exhibition Showcasing the Journey of Bhubaneswar’s Cultural Heritage

Bhubaneswar: The second edition of .Fest will be organized in the state capital from January 15 to 29 with a host of events. Among these is an artistically created one-of-a-kind event Sebbe-Au-Ebbe (Then & Now) which will highlight the illustrious urban/city past of Bhubaneswar and chart its transformation. The exhibition is taking place at IDCO exhibition ground and will help the viewers memorialize the past and present of Bhubaneswar and will show the journey of the city they are living in now.

The coming “Then and Now” show will highlight the evolution and history of Bhubaneswar, one of the first planned cities in independent India. The exhibition will feature hundreds of magnificent photos taken over a seventy-year span, some of which are over 150 years old, that visually chart the evolution of the cityscape. The event, which will be the first of its kind in Odisha, and will feature around 500 photographs covering a variety of subjects, including Old Town, Making of New Capital, Then and Now, Village, Street Life, Aajira Sahara, Happenings, Text on City, Interactive area. Government wings like I&PR Department, State Museum & Archives have been sources for the collection of images, along with that, these photos are intended to showcase the transformation over time by a variety of other sources like researchers, anthropologists, individual photographers, locals, social media and visitors to Bhubaneswar over many years.

The event is curated by artists, writers, and researchers, who collectively stated, “These photographs will provide an intimate portrait of the city, its people, communities, and locales. These photos are as important as ethnographic artifacts and form a substantive visual archive of Bhubaneswar.”

Dates: 15th January to 29th January 2023

Time: 10am-7pm

Venue: IDCO exhibition ground

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