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Engineers of Tata Power Odisha Discoms: Empowering Progress Through Reliability and Innovation

Bhubaneswar: In a thriving economy, the availability of electricity plays a pivotal role in shaping the foundation. Tata Power Odisha Distribution Limited (Tata Power Odisha Discoms) has emerged as a key catalyst in this transformative journey by establishing a robust infrastructure to ensure the delivery of quality and reliable power supply. Distinguished by its commitment to technological advancement, Tata Power Odisha Discoms have not only expanded the electrical network but have also embraced cutting-edge solutions such as SCADA and Automation.
At the heart of this success story are the dedicated engineers of Tata Power Odisha Discoms. They have tirelessly and selflessly worked to ensure uninterrupted power supply. With the support of the Government, these Engineers of Tata Power Odisha Discoms have employed strategic planning and innovative technology adoption to effectively address low-voltage areas. The network expansion has been meticulously executed based on a robust Network Engineering model and Load Flow study. The material used are selected to withstand higher loads and erratic weather conditions. The State having a tropical climate, have witnessed summer temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius. Our engineers work tirelessly, day and night, to ensure that consumers are never deprived of reliable power supply during scorching heat.
Odisha is not strange to natural calamities, especially cyclones and Kalbaisakhis, which frequently affect the State. These events have severely impacted the electrical infrastructure and have disrupted power supply. Tata Power Odisha Discoms have crafted a robust Disaster Management Plan that is operated before cyclones strike. The deployment of manpower and resources is strategically planned across anticipated affected areas, ensuring a rapid response.
In 2021, during the landfall of Cyclone Yaas, when Tata Power had just taken over Odisha Discoms, a herculean effort was witnessed. Despite being only one year into its operations, over 13,000 engineers and workers were deployed across affected areas well in advance of the cyclone. Following the cyclone’s abatement, the engineers worked tirelessly to restore power supply in record time. This year alone, the State faced over 300 Kalbaisakhis, each taking its toll on the network. However, the dedicated engineers braved the extreme weather conditions to restore power swiftly.
In their mission to enhance resilience, Tata Power Odisha Discoms through its engineers have integrated historical cyclonic storm data, assessed the existing network, and conducted wind zoning studies to create a Cyclone Resilient Network. This innovative approach includes the installation of Reybar Lacing Poles, which are cheaper and lightweight yet capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 300 km/h in vulnerable regions.
To further elevate customer services, Tata Power Odisha Discoms have established Customer Care Centres across electrical divisions, equipped with advanced customer experience technologies such as Queue Management Systems, Self-Help Kiosks, and Feedback Tabs. These centers are staffed with professionals well-versed in commercial and engineering aspects to provide a premium customer experience. The company has also invested in Smart Meters, digital payment platforms, mobile applications and other IT enabled services to streamline billing and collection practices.
Electricity is not merely a commodity, but a fundamental right under the Constitution of India, impacting economic growth and essential services such as healthcare and communication. Tata Power Odisha Discoms is committed towards enriching lives through safe and reliable power supply, superior customer experiences, and innovative technology solutions.
On this Engineers Day, it is pertinent to applaud the relentless efforts of the engineers at Tata Power Odisha Discoms for their dedication to providing superior customer service and ensuring a reliable power supply.

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