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Rungta Steel’s Contractor & Mason Meet: Strengthening industry collaboration for sustained growth

Bhubaneswar: As part of their ongoing commitment to bolster stakeholder relations, Rungta Steel, one of India’s leading and fastest growing integrated steel and TMT bar manufacturers, hosted a ‘Contractor & Mason Meet’ at Buxar in Bihar. The event, organised at Ganga Sagar Building Material at Golambar in Buxar, aimed to celebrate Rungta Steel’s journey of accelerated growth and foster deeper connections for progress with stakeholders within the construction industry in the region.

Contractors and masons play a pivotal role in the infrastructure industry, serving as the backbone of the construction sector. Recognizing their importance, the meet provided a platform wherein about 250 practitioners from the region gathered to exchange ideas, insights of the current market, feedback on Rungta Steel’s product portfolio and explore new collaboration opportunities in the steel industry.

Arvind Kumar, AVP and Head of Sales & Marketing, who served as the keynote speaker said, “We are enthused to see the success of the Contractor & Mason Meet hosted in Buxar. We recognise and understand the critical role of collaboration and innovation in driving the industry forward and as an organization, remain committed to supporting the growth and development of our partners. Today’s participation and positive feedback from our partners reaffirm the value of such collaborative initiatives.”

The highlight of the meet was reintroducing the partner contractors and masons to the company’s flagship product ‘Rungta Steel TMT bars’ that are ISO and OHSAS certified, renowned in the market for their unparalleled quality. Since its inception in 2017, the product has continuously evolved and enhanced its reputation owing to its superior quality and value-for-money offering.

With a focus on building stronger partnerships and facilitating meaningful interactions, the meet was a resounding success as participants engaged in discussions, exchanged ideas, and explored possible innovative solutions to industry challenges.

The event served as a testament to Rungta Steel’s dedication to fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence within the construction sector, reflecting the widespread support and recognition of the company’s contributions to the sector.

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