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Elevating ethical power consumption and ensuring a secure energy future

Bhubaneswar: TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL) drives forward with a robust lineup of initiatives, spanning infrastructure development, technological advancements, and elevated customer care. Anchored by an unwavering commitment to furnish reliable and uninterrupted power supply, TPCODL invests significantly in bolstering its infrastructure. Despite these strides, the company deals with substantial losses stemming from the unethical practice of electricity theft.
To secure the interests of honest consumers and stem illegal hooking, TPCODL carry out wide-ranging mass campaigns. These strategic efforts root out and disconnect unauthorized connections, channelling power to those who pay diligently. Through comprehensive meter inspections, wiring assessments, and resolute actions against wrongdoers, TPCODL staunchly curbs theft and slashes Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses, thereby lightening the financial burden on honest consumers.
An incident was spotted on 13th July by the enforcement team in Puri Division, where the party was involved in an electricity meter tampering resulting a penalty of Rs. 27 Lakhs for power theft.
Aiming to foster awareness about these unsafe and unethical practices, TPCODL urges individuals to desist from power theft and promptly report instances. Reports can be submitted via WhatsApp (9437158670), email (, or the TPCODL Mitra app. Stringent measures await violators, underscoring the gravity of their actions.
TPCODL reliably commits to decisive actions against electricity theft, adhering to the Indian Electricity Act of 2003. These acts are unequivocally labelled as “Pilferage of Electricity,” with stringent penalties outlined in Section 135, including possible imprisonment for repeat offenders.
TPCODL’s resolute stand amplifies the call for ethical power consumption and a secure energy future.

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