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Virtual Classes now connects 287 Schools In Sundargarh

Sundargarh, August 10, 2022: School education in tribal dominated Sundargarh has taken a technology leap. The barriers of pupil-teacher ratio have been broken. The education delivery in the district has achieved size and quality.

In conventional physical classroom learning, a teacher could teach at most 30 students, as mandated by the pupil to teacher ratio. But the wonder of technology-aided-teaching here is enabling a trained teacher to teach around 5000-10000 students at one go.

Such a wonder revolution in classroom education has been brought by virtual technology. As a consequence, virtual classes are growing by leaps and bounds in Sundargarh district.

Sample this. The virtual classroom project was introduced in the district in the year 2019. A total of 70 schools were linked to VSAT satellite system in the first year. Now, the count of schools has touched a whopping 287. The classes conducted have grown to 572.

The result being; over 40,000 students from Upper Primary to Secondary schools have been covered under the virtual learning programme.

“We have a better learning experience in virtual classes. Trained and experienced teachers explain the subject lessons in good details. Their illustration with diagrams, images and videos make learning interesting. Moreover, we can directly ask questions and get answers,” said Monalisha Bagh, a class 9 student of Chhatasargi Govt Girls High School in Subdega Block.

The Principal of Bargaon Govt High School, Sunita Lakra said, “In virtual classes, lessons on subjects like science, maths and geography are explained through PPT (power point) presentations. This makes learning friendly.”

For the management of the virtual classroom project, an exclusive state of the art studio has been set up in Sundargarh. Using V-SAT (very small aperture terminal) satellite communication system, the studio has been connected to smart classrooms in schools in the district. Trained teachers impart lessons and learning materials to hundreds of students at one time using the facility.

“Virtual classes have added a new dimension to school education in Sundargarh. The use of technology has helped in making the school learning extensive, whereby govt school students residing in both urban and rural areas are benefiting hugely. This novel learning medium has strengthened education system in the district,” said District Education Officer Amulya Kumar Padhan.

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