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AMRI Hospitals Celebrates World Stroke Day with the Theme “Together We Can Be #GreaterThan Stroke”

Bhubaneswar: AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar proudly observed World Stroke Day 2023, promoting the theme “Together We Can Be #GreaterThan Stroke.” This initiative aimed to increase awareness about stroke, emphasize prevention, treatment, and the importance of swift action in case of a stroke. AMRI Hospitals BBSR consistently organizes various activities and campaigns to educate the public while advocating for stroke awareness and prevention, marking this as a commendable effort in support of a vital cause.

World Stroke Day serves as an annual observance dedicated to raising consciousness regarding stroke, its prevention, treatment, and extending support to stroke survivors and their families. The primary objective of World Stroke Day is to educate individuals about the origins and consequences of strokes while promoting healthy lifestyles that can reduce the risk of suffering from a stroke.

The event was graced by a distinguished team of Neurologists, including our Medical Superintendent, Dr. Sidharths Mishra, and Unit HR Head, Ms. Rajshree Upadhya, along with our dedicated nursing and administrative staff. The gathering included residents from the surrounding community who came together to support this essential cause.

AMRI’s team of Neurologists in Bhubaneswar delivered informative speeches on stroke prevention and awareness. Dr. L. D. Padhi, a Senior Consultant Neurologist, emphasized the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in minimizing stroke risk, underlining the role of stress in today’s fast-paced life. Like all organs, the brain relies on a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients delivered by blood to function correctly. Any interruption in this blood supply can result in brain cell damage and potential injury.

Dr. Pradyut Ranjan Bhuyan, another Senior Consultant Neurologist, stressed that a stroke constitutes a medical emergency. In the event someone suspects a stroke, calling for immediate assistance is imperative. Attempting to drive oneself to the hospital should be avoided. Emergency medical service professionals will respond as swiftly as possible, recognizing that every minute is crucial in stroke cases.

Dr. Aakash Agarwal, a Consultant Neurologist, elucidated the nature of strokes, how to recognize the warning signs, and the importance of seeking early treatment to save lives. It was emphasized that patients should arrive at the hospital within the golden period of 4.5 hours or, preferably, even earlier.

Dr. Sidhartha Mishra, the Medical Superintendent, took the opportunity to enlighten the audience about the Stroke Unit at AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar, highlighting the concept of “Together We Can Be #GreaterThan Stroke.”

In closing, our Unit HR Head, Ms. Rajshree Upadhaya, expressed gratitude and encouraged attendees to carry the knowledge and inspiration gained from the event into their daily lives. She underscored the importance of collectively working towards a future where strokes are better understood, prevented, and managed

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