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.FEST Starts with City Trails to further Boost to tourism

Bhubaneswar, : With the commencement of City Trails, .FEST has opened
up a unique platform in Bhubaneswar to boost tourism in the state of Odisha. The City Trails
have started in Bhubaneswar from today and will continue till the 12th of February 2023 which
consists of three different trail groups namely, Food Trails, Nature Trails and Museum Trails.
The activity is aimed to enable the populace to get a holistic essence of Bhubaneswar city’s
Culture and Heritage, which will further propel the tourism industry in the city and the state as a
The Food Trail takes the visitors on a delicious journey of Odia cuisine, where the visitors are to
taste Dahibara, Odia thali, prasads from various temples, Pitha, Chenna Jilli and tiffins of
Odisha among other cuisines. Similarly, the Museum Trail takes the visitors on a cultural
rollercoaster as they visit the Tribal Museum and the State Museum of Bhubaneswar. The
Nature Trail enables the visitors to witness sheer nature in the nearby city like the calming
Ekamravana, jungle safari at Bharatpur, the serene Deras and Medicinal Park among others.
A total of 106 such trails in all three categories combined will be conducted till 12th of February.
The ticket price for all the three, Food, Nature, and Museum trails is very nominal and the
interested people can get details about different trails from Ekamra box website and get
themselves registered for their preferred choice of the trail.

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