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Three days long Indian Documentary Film Festival Bhubaneswar from Oct 14-16

Bhubaneswar: Film Society of Bhubaneswar (FSB) has announced about three days long
Indian Documentary Film Festival Bhubaneswar (IDFFB 2022) which to be held at Odissi
Research Centre between 2022 October 14-16. Focus of the festival is on young film makers
working in diverse areas of the country from Kashmir to the North-east. The films at the
festival explore issues of migration, gender, uneven development, issues of geo-politics,
environmental degradation, political & ethical questions.
Critically acclaimed documenatry films like City Girls, Armature, Backstage, Bid for Bengal,
Xenophobia, Small Time Cinema, Colours of Life, Testimony of Ana, In a dissent manner,
Hati Bondhu, Not Just Roads, New Classroom, Dukhu Majhi, Gay India Matrimony, Salt and
Sugar, Bela, Meiram, Ghar ka Pata, Trans Kasmir, Sindhustan will scheduled to be screened
at IDFFB 2022.
Specific sessions have been planned with directors who will be present at the festival –
Praveen Morchhale, Kasturi Basu & Dwaipayan Banerjee, Debalina Majumdar, Surbhi
Dewan, Lipika S Darei & Sapna Bhavnani. There are sessions planned on proposal writing for
seeking Arts Grants with India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) program officer John Cherian.
The film festival hopes to encourage young filmmakers to make work from the eastern part
of the country by providing mentoring opportunities with master film makers.

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