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Honda Racing India Team’s Kavin Quintal wins 2023 season of IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R

With dazzling performance throughout, Kavin bags 175 Points in the season

Race 2 Highlights:
• Displaying exceptional prowess on the track, Kavin Quintal clinched the first position in the final race, securing a double victory in the round
• Johann Emmanuel and Mohsin P secured second and third position respectively

Chennai: The 2023 season of IDEMITSU Honda Indian Talent Cup NSF250R comes to a close today at the Madras International Circuit in Chennai. Starting the season with high spirits, the young riders of the Honda Racing India Team concluded it with many new experiences and learnings for the team.

Kavin Quintal, the 18-year-old from Chennai, exhibited the true racing DNA of Honda, leading the entire season with an adrenaline rush. During the season, Kavin finished the races with 9 wins.

In the final 8-lap race of the IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R, riders fiercely competed for the podium finish. Kavin Quintal, displaying remarkable performance, started strong and maintained a fast pace, crossing the checkered line in the first position with a total time of 15:09.312. Overall, he earned 175 points in the season.

In the intense battle for the 2nd position were Johann Emmanuel, Mohsin P, and Rakshith Dave. In the competition for P2, Johann Emmanuel executed the most decisive move, showcasing brilliant speed as he grabbed the second position from Rakshith Dave in the second last lap. He completed the race with a total time of 15:14.912.

The last lap turned more intense for the third position. In the neck to neck competition between Mohsin P and Rakshith Dave, it was Mohsin P who made no mistake and throttled well to win the third position from Rakshith with a total time of 15:14.974. Mohsin missed the second position with a difference of only 0.062 seconds.

Speaking about the 2023 season, Mr. Yogesh Mathur, Director, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India said, “We are pleased with the performances of our young champions this season. This year has brought new achievements as well as valuable lessons for the team that will enhance our riders’ performance in the upcoming seasons. Kavin Quintal made new records and demonstrated consistency in every round and race. Our other riders also spared no effort in showcasing remarkable performance. Today, we witnessed Mohsin P and Johann Emmanuel executing brilliant moves to secure the top spots. With the experience gained this season, our riders will return home equipped with new skills and techniques, ready to set new milestones next year.”

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