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TPSODL prepares to address the anticipated peak demand of 820MW during the summer season

Berhampur: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd (TPSODL), a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, has made necessary preparations to provide uninterrupted and reliable power supply during the upcoming summer season. In anticipation of the projected peak demand of 820 MW, the company has implemented various measures to address any challenges arising from the intense heat waves expected during this period.

Proactive monitoring through technology deployment:

TPSODL has ensured round-the-clock monitoring and operation of its distribution networks for the summer season with centralized (PSCC) and decentralized control centers (APSCC) in Berhampur, Jeypore, Rayagada, and Bhanjanagar circles. The centralized 24 x 7 Power System Control Centre (PSCC) will oversee and monitor 33kV feeders, PSS, and 11kV feeders, for ensuring efficient operation. To maintain operational continuity, 24×7 power backup provisions have been made at the Central Control Room and PSCC. Moreover, the PSCC is equipped with dedicated mobile numbers for effective communication with respective circles, along with Management Information System (MIS) on regular tripping and Restoration for timely information dissemination to all internal and external stakeholders.

Prompt Customer Services and Support:

Focussing on efficient customer services, the company has deployed around five thousand workforce to ensure reliable power supply. A dedicated Back End Follow-up Desk (BFD) will be established for all shifts to enhance operational efficiency. TPSODL has implemented SMS alerts to promptly notify consumers in all six circles about outages. The company has also introduced a Call Back option during peak call times and also has a plan for communicating outages via SMS, press releases, and TV scrolls, Social media desk.

TPSODL further extends its outreach by providing outage information in multiple languages through social media platforms and has established 814 Fuse Call Centers to attend to fuse call complaints efficiently through the FCC 2.0 mobile application.

Additionally, Sub-Division wise night breakdown teams are deployed to promptly address 33kV & 11kV Breakdowns. TPSODL has increased the number of call center agents during peak hours and night time to efficiently handle No Current complaints.

Proactive Maintenance and Network Augmentation:

In addition to regular maintenance tasks, the company has conducted maintenance on over 80% of Primary Substations (PSS), 33KV Feeders, and 11KV Feeders, spanning both urban and rural areas. Additionally, TPSODL has completed maintenance work on critical infrastructure, covering 251 primary substations (PSS), 4,137 Ckm of 33KV feeder lines, 1,873 CKm of urban and critical feeder lines, 17,484 Ckm of rural feeder lines, and 10,526 distribution substations (DSS).

To enhance operational efficiency, TPSODL has deployed 205 Tree Pruners across 19 Divisions for effective tree trimming. Regular Thermo Scanning for the Primary Substations (PSS) and Urban Feeders is conducted to maintain optimal performance. Measures such as the augmentation of conductors with Sectionalizers, Auto-reclosures, and Fault Passage Indicators have been implemented to enhance the reliability of critical feeders serving essential facilities like Hospitals, CHC, PHC, and RWSS points.

Six Mobile Distribution Sub Stations are stationed across six Circles of TPSODL to address emergency requirements, complemented by the establishment of 16 additional Transit stores alongside the existing five Main stores.

Ensuring safety and well-being of its employees’ TPSODL has ensured that all maintenance crews are equipped with ample potable water bottles in Vehicles and summer caps for protection against the heat. Safety preparedness programs among conducted among TPSODL BA employees to ensure a secure work environment.

Load forecasting is crucial to ensure reliable power supply. TPSODL uses past load growth patterns and expected demand increase to accurately forecast the demand, enabling cost-effective planning for consistent power delivery to consumers.

Summer Peak Demand Trends in TPSODL’s Area:
• 2024-25 (expected): 820 MW
• 2023-24: 729 MW
• 2022-23: 686 MW

Mr. Amit Garg, CEO of TPSODL said “We at TPSODL are committed to ensuring uninterrupted and reliable power supply, especially during the demanding summer season. Our focus on prompt customer service and support, along with proactive maintenance, underscores our dedication to meeting the needs of our consumers. Together, we are ready to serve our communities with dependable power supply and unwavering commitment”.

To align with summer power demands and enhance operational safety, the company has fostered a culture of safety. This includes implementing training programs for all employees on heat stress management and first aid awareness to mitigate operational risks effectively.

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