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9th Showcase Odisha Awards honours four Odias who made Odisha proud at global arena

Hyderabad, India,: The much-anticipated 9th Edition of Showcase Odisha Awards unfolded today at the prestigious Park Hyatt in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. This grand event, conceptualized and managed by Prelude, has been a resounding success, celebrating the exceptional talents and contributions of Odias on both national and international platforms.

Distinguished individuals from various fields were honoured at the 9th Edition of Showcase Odisha Awards. The esteemed awardees included Aswini Kumar Acharya, a renowned athlete, celebrated for their exceptional achievements in the world of sports. Dr.Reena Das, a dedicated and accomplished doctor, was recognized for her outstanding contributions to the field of medicine. Mr. Mahesh Kumar Agrawal, the Co-Founder & CEO of Areteans, was acknowledged for his remarkable leadership and entrepreneurial prowess. Mr. Sandip Patnaik, the Senior Managing Director of JLL India, received well-deserved recognition for his exemplary contributions to the corporate world.

The 9th Edition of Showcase Odisha Awards introduced CSR Awards for the first time. These awards recognize organizations that have made CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities an integral part of their commitment to social responsibility. At this landmark event, the CSR Awards were presented to three distinguished organizations: Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC), Paradeep Phosphates Limited (PPL), and Jindal Group. These organizations were lauded for their exceptional contributions to social responsibility and community development, setting a commendable example of giving back and making a positive and lasting impact on society.

On this occasion, Mr Satyabarat Ratho, Founder & Director, Prelude Novel Ventures(P) Ltd said that, “The 9th Edition of Showcase Odisha Awards is not just an event; it is a part of the ‘Odisha@100 – Vision for 2036.’ This symposium has inspired future entrepreneurs, celebrated the achievements of talented Odias, and played a significant role in shaping Odisha’s global image.”

Speaking about the event, Mr Sonu Nanda, Director & COO, Prelude Novel Ventures(P) Ltd said, “The Showcase Odisha Awards is an annual ceremony that honours and felicitates the esteemed dignitaries of Odisha for their outstanding contributions and prestigious work. This platform acts as a catalyst to promote Odisha’s remarkable achievements, bringing them to the forefront and garnering recognition and appreciation on a broader stage. The awards symbolize the pride and admiration that the state holds for its exceptional achievers.”

The 9th Edition of Showcase Odisha Awards witnessed active participation from three key industries: Entrepreneurship and Start-ups, Hospitality, and Event Management. Representing the Entrepreneurship and Start-ups sector were TiE Bhubaneswar (TiE BBSR) and TiE Hyderabad, bringing together innovative minds and future business leaders. The Hospitality industry was well-represented by the Restaurant Association of Odisha (RAO) and the Hotel Restaurant Association of Telangana State (HRATS), showcasing the state’s culinary and hospitality excellence. Additionally, the Event Management industry was a prominent presence with the Event Management Association of Odisha (EMAO) and the Telangana Event and Entertainment Management Association (TEEMA), emphasizing the significance of event planning and management in the region.

At the B2B roundtable discussion, participants from these three dynamic industries came together to engage in productive conversations about business exchange, enhancing working opportunities, and fostering collaboration. This platform provided a unique opportunity for these industries to synergize their efforts and explore innovative partnerships for mutual growth and development.

Prelude, with over 26 years of experience, has demonstrated its expertise in developing innovative communication strategies for diverse entities. The company’s ability to deliver prompt results has earned it a reputation for excellence. On the other hand, PNV Group, primarily focused on events, media, and communication, has carved out a unique space for creativity and entrepreneurial initiatives. The group has also expanded its presence across multiple industries, including publications, real estate, food and beverages, technology and innovation, and film production.

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