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Power sector’s ground staff receive appreciation for hard work from Odisha Energy Department

Bhubaneswar: The dedicated ground staff, linemen, and engineers, who have been tirelessly working day and night to restore the electricity supply network after severe Kalbaishakhis spells, have received appreciation from the Energy Department of Odisha.

In a tweet shared today (June 14) by the official Twitter handle of the Odisha Energy Department, it was acknowledged that the frequency and intensity of Kalbaisakhis have caused significant damage to the power infrastructure.

The tweet stated, “Kalbaisakhis have become more frequent; more intense too, causing widespread damage to power infrastructure. These workers work day and night, sometimes under intense heatwave conditions to restore power supply. They deserve our #Respect.”

Earlier, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd (TPCODL) had acknowledged the challenging conditions posed by the enhanced frequency of Kalbaishakhi storms and highlighted the unwavering commitment of its dedicated 7,700+ ground staff, linemen, and engineers.

These individuals braved fallen trees, uprooted poles, entangled wires, and sunken roads to successfully restore power supply, even in the most remote areas.

The Kalbaisakhi storms had a significant impact on residential and commercial areas, as well as infrastructure, resulting in power disruptions.

However, thanks to the relentless efforts of the TPCODL team customers in the affected regions experienced relief within a matter of hours.

An official from TPCODL emphasized that these unsung heroes deserve the utmost applause for their unwavering dedication.

Despite facing challenging working conditions, they followed all safety protocols to ensure a reliable power supply, enabling the public to stay safe indoors.

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