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Mother’s Public School Achieves Milestone: CBSE Class 12 Results Unveiled

Bhubaneswar: In a triumphant moment for Mother’s Public School in Bhubaneswar & Puri, the CBSE Class 12 results were announced today, showcasing remarkable achievements. Over 115 students have soared beyond the 90% mark across all streams of Science,Humanities, and Commerce.

Science Stream Toppers: Snehasish Mohanty clinched the top spot with an impressive 97.60%, trailed closely by Subhansi Mishra at 96.80%, and Saswat Mohanta secured the third position with 96.40%.

Commerce Stream Leaders: Nikhil Sahoo emerged as the frontrunner with a stellar score of 97.20%, with Rohit Santuka securing 95.80% for the second position, and Subham Nayak claiming third place with 93.60%.

Humanities Excellence: Shreya Shreerupa Sahoo showcased exceptional performance, securing the first position with 95.4%, while Deepanwita Mishra and Sweta Mohapatra closely followed with 94.60% each, securing the second spot. Ayushee Padhi bagged the third position with 93.80%.

Puri Brilliance: In a noteworthy achievement, students from Mother’s Public School, Puri, excelled in their third attempt. Master Animesh Tripathy led the pack with an outstanding score of 95%, followed by Partha Sarathi Muduli at 94%, and Sai Sanket Mohapatra at 93% in the Science stream. Abhishek Rout secured the top position in the Commerce stream with a commendable score of 89%.

Principal’s Commendation: The Principal extended hearty congratulations to both students and teachers, lauding their exceptional performance. The school resonated with jubilation as celebrations erupted, marking a momentous occasion filled with happiness and positivity.

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