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Three exciting additions to make your Christmas desserts healthier

by Sheela Krishnaswamy, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

Christmas is all about enjoying a variety of delectable dishes with our loved ones. This holiday is just around the corner and most of us have already begun planning! We have everything prepared for the holiday season, from gift-buying to Christmas tree decorating! While every culture has a unique menu for the big Christmas dinner party, here are three exciting healthier additions you could make to your Christmas desserts along with the traditional foods to celebrate the holiday season: Almonds are a great addition to your Christmas desserts.

One of the worlds most famous tree nuts, they contain over 15 nutrients, such as vitamin E, magnesium, protein, riboflavin, and zinc. A handful of almonds helps keep hunger at bay in between meals.  Almonds also help to lower total and LDL cholesterol and contribute to your heart health.  You can add almonds to your Christmas desserts, or you could roast them, lightly salt or flavor them, depending on your preference.

Almonds are also an excellent gifting option for your dear ones for Christmas. You can customize it as per their taste as well.Indulging in cookies is a Christmas tradition for many. However, its nutrient value is usually low due to the ingredients like refined flour and white sugar that are used, along with other ingredients. This year for Christmas, swap the refined flour for oats and jaggery for white sugar. Dont we all love chocolate-covered strawberries?

To give this a twist, you could coat strawberries with dark chocolate and serve it as a dessert. The dark chocolate adds flavour and may have some health benefits. Make sure that the chocolate is at least 75% dark.

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