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Honda Racing India Riders Gears up for Round 4 of 2023 Asia Road Racing Championship in Indonesia

Honda Racing India Riders Gears up for Round 4 of 2023 Asia Road Racing Championship in Indonesia

Mandalika International Street Circuit (Indonesia), 10 August 2023: Amidst growing excitement, the IDEMITSU Honda Racing India squad, representing Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI), has made its way to Indonesia. With an aura of excitement surrounding them, the team is poised to dazzle spectators with their impressive racing skills as they prepare for the upcoming fourth round of the 2023 Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC).

Honda Racing India team wrapped up Round 3 of the 2023 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) with an accumulated score of 19 points. Looking forward with unwavering determination, the team is resolute in its quest to push beyond limits and establish fresh benchmarks within the fiercely competitive Asia Production 250cc (AP250cc) category.

Exhibiting steady strength of character and a finesse-driven performance, solo Indian team rider Kavin Samaar Quintal made a significant impression during the third round of competition.

Quote of Mr. Yogesh Mathur, Director Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India,
“As we approach Round 4 of the Asia Road Racing Championship, we are confident that IDEMITSU Honda Racing India team will embrace this challenge with steadfast determination. The Mandalika International Street Circuit offers our riders a fresh and exciting opportunity, and we hold a strong belief that our team’s resilient spirit will steer them towards positive results. Anticipation runs high as we await the upcoming weekend, eager to witness our riders’ racing prowess and unwavering passion on display as they compete in Indonesia.”

Quote of IDEMITSU Honda Racing India rider Kavin Quintal:
“I’ve been eagerly waiting for this opportunity to unleash my skills and determination on this track. The Asia Road Racing Championship is the forge of true champions, and I am fully prepared to test my boundaries and go head-to-head with experienced riders in this upcoming round. Each curve and bend will serve as a testament to the lessons I have learned from my past errors. With the steadfast backing of my team, I hold a strong belief that this season will unfold as an exhilarating voyage towards success over the weekend.”

“Quote of IDEMITSU Honda Racing India rider Mohsin Paramban:
“I am confident as I gear up for Round 4 in Indonesia. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I am determined to showcase my skills and improve my performance on the track this time. The guidance provided by my instructors has prepared me adequately for the championship. The thrill of the competition ignites my enthusiasm, and I am eagerly anticipating the chance to embody Honda’s spirit on the track with fervor and precision.”.”

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