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TPNODL sees record power demand at 1279 MW in June 23, surpassing BY 11 % of Last Year

The rising temperatures in the TPNODL areas have significantly contributed to this surge

Balasore: The demand for electricity in TPNODL has soared to unprecedented levels this year, driven by a surge in heatwaves across the State.

TPNODL has already seen peak demand of 1279 MW of power in June this year, surpassing the peak demand of 1154 MW by 10.91% seen in FY23.

The rising temperatures in the TPNODL areas have significantly contributed to this surge, with 2023 being the hottest year in the past three years, according to data compiled by TPNODL’s Power System Control Center (PSCC). The recorded maximum temperature this year by TPNODL reached 46.5 degrees Celsius for Baripada on 14th June. Similar high temperatures are being experienced in all other Districts as well.

Consequently, TPNODL areas have experienced a substantial rise in Kalbaisakhi instances, with more frequency and heavy intensity which has significantly impacted the power infrastructure within TPNODL’s licensed area.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, TPNODL’s dedicated ground staff, linemen, and engineers continue to work tirelessly 24 X 7 day in day out to ensure uninterrupted power supply to all our consumers. Even during Kalbaisakhi instances, also known as NorWesters, they face numerous challenges such as fallen trees, uprooted poles, entangled live wires, and sunken roads, often consumer wrath while restoring power supply, even in the most remote areas.

TPNODL remains committed to meeting the increasing power demand and ensuring reliable electricity supply to meet the expectations of its valued customers, even in challenging circumstances.

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