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Tata Steel Medica Hospital successfully performs hip replacement surgery

Kalinganagar: A patient with life-threatening injuries received timely and expert care at Tata Steel Medica Hospital, which successfully conducted complex hip replacement surgeries. Mr. Ramesh Pradhan (patient pseudo name) was brought to the hospital with severe hip pain.

Mr. Ramesh, previously treated for a femur fracture, faced recurring hip pain post-surgery. The hospital’s emergency team, led by Dr. Debasish Parija, after a thorough assessment, executed a two-stage plan involving implant removal and a total hip replacement. Post-surgery, he regained limb length, is pain-free, and enjoys a stable hip joint.

This remarkable case demonstrates Tata Steel Medica Hospital’s capability to perform complex and multiple surgeries that are usually done only in big hospitals in the country. Tata Steel Medica Hospital is committed to providing excellent healthcare and emerging as a critical care hub in this region.

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