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AMRI Hospital, Bhubaneshwar, Liver Clinic Launch

Bhubaneshwar, May 8th, 2024 – Following the successful launch of the Liver Clinic at AMRI Hospital, Bhubaneshwar, on May 8th, 2024, we are thrilled to share the post-event highlights and the exceptional response from the community.

The Liver Clinic’s inaugural day witnessed an overwhelming turnout of individuals eager to prioritize their liver health. Attendees benefited from complimentary consultations and screenings, availing themselves of the opportunity to ensure their liver’s well-being under the guidance of our expert medical team.

Dr SudhakarKantipudi, Cluster Director for the South-East region, emphasised during the launch of the Liver Clinic, “The prevalence of liver diseases is escalating in Bhubaneswar, underlining the importance of early diagnosis for effective treatment. This new liver clinic will provide much-needed specialised care and advanced technology, offering a brighter future for liver patients in the city.”
Dr SaktimayaMohapatra, Hospital Director at AMRI Hospital, conveyed his elation, stating, “We’re thrilled to bring this comprehensive liver clinic to Bhubaneswar. By focusing on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment under one roof, we can significantly improve the quality of life for those living with liver conditions.”
Dr.Rajasekhar K, Consultant Liver Transplant Surgeon, emphasizing the significance of liver health, stated, “Understanding the critical role of liver transplantation in combating End Stage Liver Disease is paramount for effective treatment.”
“Prioritizing liver health through lifestyle adjustments is key to preventing liver diseases and ensuring overall well-being,” remarked Dr PratapBehera Senior Consultant in Medical Gastroenterology at AMRI Hospital, Bhubaneswar, highlighting the importance of proactive measures.
“The silent prevalence of liver ailments underscores the importance of proactive measures and specialized care for optimal liver health,” said Dr Gyanranjan Rout, Consultant in Medical Gastroenterology at AMRI Hospital, Bhubaneswar, emphasizing the necessity for proactive healthcare interventions.
A glimpse into the launch:

  • Comprehensive Care: Patients who availed of the complimentary consultations experienced first-hand the depth of expertise and comprehensive care provided by our esteemed Gastroenterologists, Dr Pratap Behera, Dr Rajasekhar K, and Dr Gyanranjan Rout. From diagnosis to treatment planning, our team is committed to addressing various liver ailments with diligence and compassion.
  • Gratitude from Patients: We are humbled by the positive feedback and gratitude expressed by patients who attended the Liver Clinic’s inaugural day. Many individuals shared their appreciation for the accessible and high-quality healthcare services now available in Bhubaneshwar.
  • Continued Support: As we move forward, the Liver Clinic remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting liver health and wellness in our community. Regular screenings, preventive care measures, and ongoing support will be integral to our mission of ensuring optimal liver function for all.
    We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in making the launch of the Liver Clinic a resounding success. Your support and enthusiasm reinforce our dedication to delivering excellence in healthcare services.

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