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Installation of 2nd Dual Energy Linear Accelerator at AIIMS Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, 12/09/2022: The department of Radiation Oncology is providing state of the art Conformal Radiation Treatment to cancer patients at present. During COVID pandemic the department provided uninterrupted treatment service to the patients without being shut for a single day.

In the year 2021 the department has provided clinical service to more than 25,000 cancer patients in form of Chemo, Radiation, Pain and Palliative therapy.

For the convenience of cancer patients, the department is going to install 2nd Dual Energy Linear Accelerator having cutting age contemporary technology. With addition of the 2nd LINAC, the patient waiting time shall be shorter and the quality of treatment shall be higher. The machine shall be fitted with attachments for performing all kinds of modern age radiotherapy like SBRT, SRS, SRT, IMRT, IGRT and all kind of Adaptive Radiotherapy. Also the treatment Planning System shall be connected to MRI and PET machine through PACS and the radiation treatment shall be done after fusion of all images in order to avoid normal tissue damage and deliver higher radiation dose to the tumor.

Today the machine installation process began by invoking God and breaking cocoanut at the bunker site by the Executive Director Prof. Asutosh Biswas in presence of Prof. Dillip Kumar Parida, Head of the Department, Radiation Oncology, Other faculty members, Staff and Students, Dr. Pravas Kumar Tripathy FIC PRO, DDA(I/c) Rashmiranjan Sethy, FA, SE. The work is expected to be completed by Jan 2023 and the machine shall be clinical after getting approval from Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai.

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