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CISCE National Games & Sports 2023 (U-19 Boys) concludes

Bhubaneswar : Maharashtra Team won the Championship(2-0), while Kerala finishes with runners up as the CISCE National Games & Sports 2023 (U-19 Boys) concludes on Sunday.
The final and the most awaiting day of the CISCE Football Tournament Under 10 Boys, opened up with two semifinal matches between Maharashtra versus North India, and between Kerala versus Tamil Nadu. The third place match was played between Tamil Nadu versus North India.
Thus the two teams which qualified for the finals were Maharashtra versus Kerala. Both being strong contenders, it turned out to be a real nail biting match.
The guests for the day were Sr. Beena Vargese, Joint Sports Coordinator, Brother Thomas John, Member of Sub Committee Odisha Regional Sports, Mrs. Abhira Das CISCE Obsever, along with the host school Heads. A melodious song was present by J. Manish Kumar Pradhan the Alumni of Ruchika High School.
The match officials for the Day were : Referee 1. Mr. Siba Shankar Panda, Referee 2 Mr. Chandrakant Barik, Referee 3. Mr Sekhawat Khan.
4th officials was Mr. Durga Madhav Acharya.
The Match Commissioners for the day were: Mr. Durga Madhav Nayak, Mr. Sujit Kumar Patro.
The Selectors for the Day were : Mr. R.I. Tigga, Mr. Manas Samal.
The P.E.T. of Ruchika High School, Mrs. Sandhyarani Nayak and Mr. Ranjit Nayak were also present.
The champion team was Maharashtra and the two runners of teams were Kerala and Tamilnadu. The SGFI qualified Team was also declared at the end.
2nd Runners up prize was honoured by Brother Thomas John and Mr. Gurpreet Singh Khurana. 1st Runner prize was honoured by Mrs. Leena Khurana and Sister Beena Varghese,
The winning team Maharashtra was honoured by Mrs. Leena Khurana, Sister Beena Varghese, Brother Thomas John and Mr. Gurpreet Singh Khurana.
And the day came to an end with the lowering of CISCE Flag and National Anthem and finally with the vote of thanks by Sister Beena Vargese. All the matches are being played in Bhubaneswar Football Academy in Unit -1, Bhubaneswar.

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