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Mind Wars Achieves 20 Lakh Subscribers Reaching Over 3.5 Crore Students Across India

New Delhi: Mind Wars, India’s biggest knowledge platform for school students recently crossed another milestone of 20 lakh subscribers with its reach of over 3.5 crore students across the country. The brainchild of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) and launched in 2019, Mind Wars is a first-of-its-kind multiplatform knowledge program that aims to create the country’s largest knowledge library for school kids. Mind Wars is a multiplatform knowledge program that has successfully reached out to students from all 28 states and 8 union territories. With over 2 lakh + content pieces in 12 different languages Mind Wars today has representation from across all state and central boards.

Multiple researchers have established that quizzes assist students gain knowledge in a fun way and motivate them to learn better. They also immensely contribute to information retention which is a boon for the child especially in the growing years. Quizzes sharpen children’s brains and prepare them for the competitive environment and that is why they make for the perfect complementary activity to classroom studying. Mind Wars offline quizzes also gave students, teachers and the parents an idea of the evolving new ways of inculcating knowledge, and a realization that the traditional way of teaching student is changing, as it showed them the different methods that can be adopted in large scale that will help students ace examinations and have a strong academic foundation along with showcasing an undying zeal for victory. This enabled Mind Wars to reach student participation and registration from 92% of the total districts (669 Districts) across the country.

Leaning on learnings of the past 2 years, the digitized approach towards quizzing has been celebrated by parents, teachers and students alike. The program has enabled quick thinking and decision making in knowledge seekers thereby accelerating participation from over 28000 schools with teachers from over 10000 schools.

“I am delighted that our team at Mind Wars is receiving an overwhelming response from the teachers and students community to conduct such on-ground initiatives,” said Mr. Umesh Kr Bansal, Executive Vice President, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. “Children today are missing the extracurricular activities and group interactions that they would otherwise have under normal circumstances. Through initiatives like the debate championship we aim to empower children with knowledge-based alternatives equipping them to become street smart, which help them take on any situation in life. I look forward to seeing how opinions are shaping out amongst the school going youngsters.”

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