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Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Cooperative Surgery ( LECS) Conducted at Shanti Memorial Hospital

Bhubaneswar: LECS ,a rare surgical procedure combining Laparoscopy & Endoscopy
simultaneously on a patient, was recently conducted successfully at Shanti Memorial Hospital.
A 58 years old male patient was admitted to Shanti Memorial Hospital  recently, with
complaints of recurrent episodes of vomiting and pain . An upper GI endoscopy was doen and  a
polyp was diagnosed in the duodenum . Reports confirmed  a Neuro-endocrine tumor
 ( NET)having the characteristics of high malignant potential.
The patient underwent this LECS with a combination of endoscopist Dr Gautam Nath and Lap
surgeon Dr Sreejoy Patnaik and the surgical procedure was completed successfully with
minimal blood loss. The patient was discharged after 48 hours .
“The advantage of this procedure is that it makes it possible to resect a lesion as small as
possible,  and to preserve the anatomical function of the stomach or duodenum, without
causing deformation. Also the procedural timing is less and there is very little blood loss. It
 really feels good to implement technological advancements to surgical procedures for better
outcomes.” said Dr Sreejoy Patnaik.
“The lesions are resected completely in almost all cases and precise diagnosis is possible in all
the resected specimens. Also it is a safe and secured procedure as compared to if done alone
either with endoscopy or laparoscopy.”, added Dr Gautam Nath.
The LECS ( Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Cooperative Surgery) , a combined surgical procedure
involving a laparoscopic surgeon and and an endoscopist working in tandem is a newly
developed technique ,first reported by Hiki et al. ( Japan) for local resection of tumors in the
upper GI tract. The cooperation of endoscopists and laparoscopists is essential for
implementation of LECS procedures

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