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Mahindra Unveils its Disruptive Product Innovation, the brand-new ‘G75 Smart’ Motor Grader at TRS Engineering, Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, : Mahindra’s Construction Equipment Division (MCE), a
part of the Mahindra Group,today announced expansion of its road construction equipment
range with the launch ofthe brand-new Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Smart – “Profit Ka
Partner”. In this occasion Rajendra Ashtekar – Head – Customer Care, Ravi Sharma – Brand
Head, Sambasiva Raju – Zonal Sales Head – East,,Sandip Ghosh – Zonal Customer Care
Manager – East
And From TRS Engineering and Debadutta Roy, MD were present over there.
Speaking on the occasion Rajendra Ashtekar – Head – Customer Care said,“We at Mahindra
are committed to provide disruptive products and services for our customers and are
today launching yet anotherproduct innovationin the fast-growing road construction
equipment segment, the Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Smart Motor Grader. It has been
designed and developed in India based on deep insights of the needs of smaller road
contractors. Our aim is to help small contractors break free from sub-optimal grading
practices and to upgrade them to mechanization and enable them to participate in
nation building. The brand-new G75 Smart motor grader is ahighly reliablemachine with
low owning and operating costs andwill truly be their “Profit Ka Partner”. Our existing
RoadMaster range of motor graders has already captured over20% market share, and we
are confident that G75 Smart will further strengthen our position while
transformingconstruction ofsmall roads in India, which constitute about 60% of country’s
The RoadMaster G75 Smart offers road contractors, liberation from compromised makeshift
solution, such as manual labor and farm tractor-based graders. It is the ideal machine for
spreading and grading applications for the rural,semi-rural and district roads, land
development, internal housing and commercial roads. It enables small road contractors to
participate in projects with grading needs for government flagship programs asSmart City, as
well as PMGSYroads.The RoadMaster G75 Smartprovides small contractors affordable
uncompromised mechanization and an opportunity to deploy a registered motor grader in the
smaller projects which was not possible hitherto with the conventional graders. Also, it will
help improve the quality and longevity of work and quicker turnaround of projects.
The RoadMaster G75 Smart is powered by a 74 HP Mahindra CRDi engine which is coupled
with a 3 m (10 ft) wide blade and iMAXX telematics solution. This equipment is optimized to
deliver zero compromise grading at an equipment cost marginally higher to tractor grader but
still fractional as compared to conventional motor gradersmaking it ‘Profit Ka Partner’ of
small road contractors.
It comes with a one-yearwarranty, eliminating the customer’s anxiety when it comes to
expensive repairs. This is possible due to Mahindra’s engineering and manufacturing
capability, backed up by a grueling testing regime and sourcing of the best components and
the simplicity of the machine design.

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