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Experts call for diversity at workplace to be more inclusive

Bhubaneswar: In the ever changing world, businesses need to be aligned with the latest
manpower trends to stay relevant. To achieve the very objectives organisation across the
spectrum should focus on inclusivity and diversity at workplace. Experts and speakers
participated at HR Conclave IKAAI organised jointly by Diverseus and PNV Foundation at
Bhubaneswar on Saturday called for more diversity at workplace to make the corporate world
more inclusive.They have emphasised on effective human manpower practice to help
organisations to build stronger and more effective workplace.
The session began with welcome address by Ms. Archana Mishra, Founder of Diverseus, a
startup which works passionately at translating the aspirational vision of the organisations to
have a skilled, diversified, equitable and inclusive (DEI) workspace.
Archana stated that many organisations were ready to recruit, but finding the diverse pool of
skilled candidates was difficult. Diverseus Society started connecting with various pool of
candidates to understand the gap. In this journey Diverseus understood that it needed to
create awareness and skill, to bridge this gap and that has been the major inspiration to create
this platform “IKAAI”.
Ms. Deepa Rath, MD and CEO, Axis Trustee Services as chief guest opined that, “Adherence to
DEI is important for growth on an organization. Leaders in an organization must facilitate it and
should help colleagues to foster inclusivity. Besides implementing DEI at various levels, even the
SEBI LODR guidelines states that every board of a listed company should have one third
representation of women directors. So the role of HR in an organization is important to recruit
right talent, skill &Up-skill and retain.”
Renuka Gowda, CHRO- Summit Digitel, attended as special guest said, “The DEI is a thing which
needs lot of acceptance by people at all levels, not just the top management. We need to bring
diversity in talents; homogenous at work place will not help in progress.”
Satyabrata Sanu Ratha, Founder Director Prelude Novel Ventures said, “As we move forward,
we must ensure that our organizations and communities reflect the rich tapestry of our society.
We must embrace different perspectives, ideas and experiences to create a better future for all.
Prelude firmly believes in the value of diversity, and we are committed to promoting a culture
of respect, empathy & inclusion. Let’s build a world where everyone feels seen, heard & valued
regardless of their identity.”
The Diversity HR Conclave was an incredible opportunity for more than 100 HR professionals to
come together, learn from each other and leave with new ideas and strategies to drive
organisational goal forward.

HR professionals, diversity and inclusion experts have shared insights, best practices, and
strategies to understand the skill gap and how to create a more inclusive and equitable
Main objective of the conclave was to understand current demand and skill gap which will
inspire and empower organisations to take more proactive approach towards diversity and
inclusion hiring to foster an environment where everyone feels valued and respected A
diversified workforce is key to driving innovation, growth and success.
Speakers of the conclave also explored the most pressing issues facing organisation in today’s
world such as skill requirements for diversity pool, unconscious bias, cultural competence,
intersectionality and allyship. It allows participants to connect with peers in their industry,
share ideas and learn from each other’s experience.
While Dr Manoj Chhabra, IPS D G Prisons gave a special address, Pragyan Mahapatra HRBP ,
IBM Kolkatta, , Sweety Rath, VP HR, Extra Hop, Ratandeep Mohanty, AVP , Talen Acquisition
and Manisha Joshi, Lead HR, Talent Acquisition, Birla White attended as panellists of Panel
discussion on building more inclusive recruitment and retention strategies: what are some of
the tools and techniques for attracting, hiring and retaining more diverse talent? They spoke
about various aspects of diversity in talent management also sheds light on various tools and
techniques which enable HR professional attract and retain talent pool.
Renuka Gowda, Colin Mendes, Head HR, Voltas Beko, Lopamudra Priyadarshini, Head
Community Relations, HINDALCO and Poonam Dhanvati, HR Head Software, Stellantiswere
panellist for topic on role of leadership in supporting DEI efforts.

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