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Vi Urges all to ‘Be Someone’s We’ in their New Campaign; Endorses Inclusivity and Togetherness in a Super Connected but Lonely World

• This emotionally appealing campaign drives a message of inclusivity and togetherness, wherein the world is devoid of loneliness.
• With the world cup and festive season, the 360 degree campaign highlights ‘Power of Connectivity’ focusing on the positivity and overall well-being of digitally connected Indians.

Bhubaneswar: Humans have inherently been social beings. Since the evolution of mankind, humans have always been together to survive and thrive. However, today’s world poses new types of challenges. Several studies indicate that people from all walks of life, especially the GenZ and millennials are struggling with challenges such as loneliness and social isolation impacting their overall well-being. This underscores the crucial need to establish genuine emotional connections in our ever evolving phy-gital world.

Bringing together the best of both worlds where physical and digital realms intertwine, Vi, one of the leading telecom operators, launched its new emotionally appealing creative campaign – ‘Be Someone’s We’, rooted in the company’s vision of being a partner to its customers; in building a better today and in building a brighter tomorrow. The campaign is designed to deliver a powerful message of supporting one another through both good and challenging times, even with the smallest of actions. It draws inspiration from everyday life scenarios to illustrate how a network can serve as a bridge for forming human/social bonds, promoting inclusivity and fostering a sense of togetherness.

It showcases that even a small gesture of a call or message is enough to make someone feel less left out, less lonely and loved and cared for. Establishing Vi as the trusted partner, this 360-degree ‘Be Someone’s We’ campaign seeks to connect, engage, and uplift the mood of this young audience segment.

Commenting on the unique issues pertaining to our times, Avneesh Khosla, CMO, Vodafone Idea, said, “Loneliness is a growing concern in India, especially amongst the youth. We believe as a brand designed to aid connectivity, we have a strong role to play in addressing this concern. Our new campaign ‘Be Someone’s We’ is designed to reflect our philosophy of inclusivity, helping the world become less lonely.”

Conceptualized by Ogilvy India, the campaign comprises of different slice of life stories that focuses on situations that may make us feel left out or lonely. The commercials also use the song ‘Akele Akele Kahaan ja rahe ho’ in a new and interesting way to tell the story.

Story 1: Dandiya: This film shows a boy feeling a bit left out, watching his college mates practicing Dandiya for a fest. Suddenly, he gets a video call as one of the students practicing Dandiya calling him “Bhai…Dandiya dekhte hi rahega ya fir seekh ne bhi aaega?” inviting him to join. The boy smiles and joins them, with the feeling of being included.

Story 2: Kheer: This film shows a new joinee, tad nervous and lost trying to find a seat for herself in a crowded cafeteria. She finds an empty seat in a corner. Shortly, she receives a message “Hey! yummy Kheer here… join us?”. Through the crowd she sees a girl waving at her with a lunchbox. She smiles and joins a bunch of colleagues as they welcome her and make space for her.
Commenting on the campaign, Harshad Rajadhyaksha & Kainaz Karmakar, CCOs from Ogilvy said
“Loneliness is one of the biggest silent killers of our time. The campaign shows how a simple phone call, a text or a connection in any way, can change how another person is feeling. Each story of the campaign addresses a different aspect of loneliness – from the first day at work to being a student in a city you don’t belong to. Rohit Dubey, who heads creative for Vi at Ogilvy has crafted the stories and Amit Sharma from Chrome films has brought them to life. Here’s wishing “Humari duniya mein akelepan ki koi jagah na ho”

The campaign goes on air on 5th October 2023 first on the World Cup. In addition to the world cup, the films would also be on surround channels and digital. Apart from the films, the campaign will also be backed by Digital, OOH and Retail.

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