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AjnaLens leapfrogs into making India’s youth future-ready for careers in Metaverse

Bhubaneswar : Metaverse is immense and globally, there are thousands of job openings. According to reports, about 55,000 jobs are actively open in India now, but there’s a huge gap between the needs of the industry and the skilled workforce. Globally, companies are using Metaverse to revolutionize the entire ecosystem across industries such as medical, engineering, manufacturing, etc. As per the new Metaverse Strategy launched by Dubai, they aim to support 42,000 virtual jobs and add $4 billion to its economy by 2030. In India, the education system is lacking behind in terms of educating students on the latest developments, career options and the pay scale in the Metaverse.

AjnaLens, a Mumbai-based XR hardware and software company, is working to fill this gap and has announced the launch of the Ajna Creators Program, its flagship offering to pioneer the metaverse education and employment space in the country. As India’s first certified metaverse creation program, it provides hands-on learning of all the key components of a metaverse like XR, NFT, Digital Twin, Blockchain and more. The program will enable India’s youth to take advantage of the global high-paying jobs (ranges between $100,000-$130,000 p.a.) available in the metaverse. On successful completion of the 6-months program, the students will be provided with AICTE Internship Certification. Also, AjnaLens will support the students in placements or mentor them to build their own startup in the XR space. The first batch of the course is kick-starting on 15th August 2022.

Abhishek Tomar, CTO, AjnaLens, said: “Metaverse creation is the career of the immediate future and youth should be ready to build their careers in this space. India has one of the largest pools of young minds. We as a country missed the earlier revolutions in the world of technology and at AjnaLens we are quite focused on putting India firmly on the map in the world of Metaverse and the immense opportunities it presents to us.  We are equipped to build this future-ready workforce with the knowledge and cutting-edge technology and proven expertise in AR/ VR/ MR space. The AICTE-approved internship certificate will upskill the youth and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.”

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