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TPCODL gears up enforcement drives against power theft

Bhubaneswar: TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL), a joint venture of Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, has launched a comprehensive campaign against power theft through its enforcement team.
TPCODL faces a surge in pilferage which not only causes revenue loss due to unpaid power consumption but also affects the Utility’s ability to invest in network upgradation and poses risks to service quality and consumer safety. Despite TPCODL’s efforts to enhance services, the growing number of theft cases hinders its journey towards operational excellence.
During inspections in the Gop Section area of the Neemapada electrical division, the TPCODL team discovered a poultry firm using electricity unauthorizedly. They tapped from the nearest LT pole, managing a daily load of 10 KW. Similarly, in the Jatni area, a welding shop and rice huller were found taking power supply from the nearest LT pole through parallel hooking to operate their 15KW load base.
During inspection drives in the Puri area, the diligent TPCODL team at Brahmagiri booked an mobile tower owner for injecting foreign circuitry into the metering apparatus, manipulating consumption recording for an 8 KW load amounting to Rs 3 lacs. In the Marshaghai electrical division, during Physical Verification, it was found that a rice huller owner had tampered with the meter, using unauthorized power supply with an unauthorized load of 8KW amounting to Rs 3.5 Lacs.
Recently, in the Puri electrical division, it was discovered that a Commercial Hotel was using power supply through a tampered meter and manipulating its consumption recording. The TPCODL enforcement team found 18 tampered meters, resulting in power theft amounting to Rs 32 lacs.
These dishonest consumers undermine the morale of our honest consumers, who diligently pay on time. TPCODL is dedicated to protecting the sentiments and resolve of its honest consumers. “Pilferage of Electricity” must be avoided to prevent losses to the utility and the creation of social divides between honest and dishonest consumers, causing unrest for the honest ones.
To protect legitimate consumers and deter illegal connections, TPCODL conducts widespread campaigns, inspecting meters and checking wiring to identify and disconnect unauthorized users. Strict actions against offenders aim to prevent theft and decrease Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses, relieving the financial strain on honest consumers.
TPCODL is bound to take action against culprits involved in the theft of electricity as per the Indian Electricity Act 2003 for “Pilferage of Electricity.” Under section 135, theft of electricity is a punishable offense and a person can also be imprisoned for repeated offenses. Consumers who provide information about electricity theft will be rewarded.
Consumers can lodge a complaint about electricity theft via WhatsApp at 9437158670, email at, TPCODL MITRA APP, or the TPCODL website.

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