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TPSODL Joins hands with Odisha Millet Mission to Promote Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition

From Seed to Harvest: TPSODL’s Impactful Initiatives Cultivate 500 Acres of Land
• TPSODL Reaches Out to 500 WSHGs and Farmers.
Berhampur: TPSODL, a dedicated advocate for women and communities in Southern Odisha, is championing Income Generation Activities (IGAs) through its livelihood enhancement program. Collaborating with Mission Shakti, Odisha Livelihood Mission, and NGO partner, TPSODL is identifying and supporting potential Women Self-Help Groups (WSHG) and farmers through various initiatives.
One of the noteworthy endeavours of TPSODL is its commitment to the promotion of millet cultivation. To this end, the organization has mobilized approximately 500 WSHGs and farmers, providing them with essential resources. TPSODL offers capacity-building programs, training sessions, and input support including seeds and on-ground guidance. The goal is not only to empower these individuals but also to promote the numerous nutritional and health benefits of millet. Millet, known for its resilience in challenging environmental conditions with minimal water and fertilizer requirements, also aids in mitigating the effects of climate change due to its low carbon footprint.
During the kharif season, more than 500 acres of land have been cultivated across 8 districts of TPSODL operational areas. In total, 70 Gram panchayats were involved impacting a total of 500 farmers and WSHGs. Which includes 24 GPs of Ganjam, 8 GPs of Gajapati, 8 GPs of Koraput, 8 GPs of Nabarangpur, 8 GPs of Malkangiri, 9 GPs of Boudh, and 5 GPs of Kandhamal. Looking ahead to the upcoming Rabi season, coinciding with the International Year of Millets, TPSODL aims to extend its support to 1000 acres of land and farmers.
In a bid to raise awareness about millets, TPSODL is organizing orientation sessions and group meetings at the village and Gram Panchayat levels. Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials in local languages are being distributed, covering topics such as health benefits and millet cultivation guidelines. Expert training sessions are being conducted at the cluster level, educating farmers on the significance of millets, agronomic practices like systematic millet intensification (SMI), line transplanting, and the nutritional advantages of millets.
Mr. Amit Garg, CEO of TPSODL, expressed, “TPSODL stands shoulder to shoulder with farmers and women’s self-help groups in championing millet cultivation. Also, as we celebrate the International Year of Millets, TPSODL aims to extend further its support in its operational area in the coming days. Together, we are sowing the seeds of empowerment, and sustainability.”

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