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Tata Steel Foundation Empowering Women with DISHA Training Programme

~More than 60 women from 18 SHGs participated

Danagadi: More than 60 women from 18 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) participated in a four-day DISHA training programme on the theme ‘Say No to Violence’ organised by Tata Steel Foundation at Khandurai Kalyan Mandap, Deulakan Gram Panchayat of Danagadi Block.

The training programme aimed to raise awareness among women on vital issues like early marriage, liquor abolition, early pregnancy, domestic violence, workplace harassment, abuse, girl child drop-out from education, and women trafficking.

The training programme encompassed insightful discussions aiming to create awareness on the root causes of gender violence, difference between sex and gender-related norms, and to recognise the potential of women to change societal norms through transformed mind sets. This will help creating awareness on eliminating patriarchy and violence against women in their communities.

The 25th batch of training programme saw participation from18 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) belonging to five Gram Panchayats namely Rasol, Tangriapal, Deulakan, Kiajhar, and Radhikadeipur.

It may be noted here that the ‘DISHA’ project was launched by Tata Steel Foundation in 2022 to enable women to contribute towards creating a positive, social, economic, and environmental impact. Since, its inception, this programme has helped women of the region gain social equality via six modules namely, leadership & development; social & economic security; efficient communication skills including digital literacy; literacy training on violence, rights, entitlements, and other social issues; gender mainstreaming & women empowerment; and mobilisation of women to encourage their participation in five Government institutions.

In the next five years, DISHA aims to enable active identified women SHG members around operation with leadership potential to have an effective voice in community decision-making processes.

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