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5G: How well are we prepared to make the most out of the next generation of mobile network

Bhubaneswar: After multiple speculations over the years, 5G is finally coming this year. 5G is majorly
focused on three things: high data speeds, low latency, and increased concurrency. Giving users an
upgrade to a better connecting experience, 5G will change how we consume data. Airtel 5G will
deliver higher speeds compared to a 4G network, which could be anywhere between 20 to 30 times
the speed the users get today.With low latency and higher speed compared to the existing network,
data consumption will increase across platforms. 5G reportedly will provide hyper capacity, and
higher concurrency and canenable services that are based on lower latency.
During 5G trials, the leading telecom player, Airtel demonstrated more than 200Mbps of
connectivity at 10Km of distance from the cell site using a 3.5GHz spectrum. 5G, MEC & AI/ML would
also help bring industrial transformation commonly called Industry 4.0. During our recent 5G trials,
we have launched #5GforBusiness for various industries such as Manufacturing, Mining, Healthcare,
connected workforce, retail, ports, and the automobile industry.There is a direct correlation
between higher internet speed and GDP growth. There is a growing business need for the
technology to improve operational efficiency, achieve quicker decision-making capability and
generate cost savings. With 5G’s internet speed, userssuch as entrepreneursand small business
owners sitting in remote areas can work remotely in real-time without any delays due to the ease of
access and usage, which will translate to better job opportunities, and thus, an increase in GDP in
the long run. According to research firm IDC, out of 55.7 billion connected devices worldwide, about
75% would be connected to an IoT platform by 2025.For content creators, movie fans, and OTT
users, the emergence of 5G networks will bring in better-quality video on mobile devices at much
faster speeds, more reliable connections, and lower latencies, which will enhance the content
streaming experience for users, like never before.
In a letter issued to their customers, Gopal Vittal, CEO, of Bharti Airtel, explained how convenient it
will be for the users to use 5G on their existing Airtel SIM as it is already 5G enabled. He also
explained the ways inwhich users can easily change the settings on their 5G handset and make the
best of the upcoming technology. He also mentioned that by December, the 5G network should have
coverage in the key metros and they expect to cover allof urban India by the end of 2023.
Airtel is aiming to bridge the digital divide by enabling access to high-speed broadband through rural
5G trials. Recently the company executed multiple rural trials. With the focus on connectivity, 5G will
allow the facilities of high-speed internet, without the hassle of installation of wires, to reach the
remotest of areas, which can help the education system to reach the farthest areas across the
country. This will help in contributing towards generating employment across regions, helping the
younger generation of our country to avail the benefits of quality education directly on their
smartphones. Globally, some countries have already witnessed Greenfield 5G deployments and
there are regions where the commercial deployment of 5G is happening faster, enabled by spectrum
availability. The launch of 5G services in the country will have a special emphasis in the areas lacking
internet connectivity previously.

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